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Safety bund success

Forbes has developed the MINIBULK-TOTAL, an integral close-fitting safety bund that is fully compliant Health & Safety Executive and Environmental Agency guidelines. Capacities available are in excess of 40m3.

The most vulnerable parts of any tank are the low level connections that can be mechanically damaged or leak through gasket degradation. The MINIBULK-TOTAL system has all connections through the roof or against the top knuckle of the vertical shell.

Liquid is discharged from the tank via a patented siphon system or via a run dry pump capable of lifting the contents over the top knuckle into the outlet down pipe.

Either system can be supplied as part of the tank package.

The tank is integrally mounted in a close fitting secondary safety tank which acts as a safety bund. There is liquid monitoring within the bund area to give warning of any leakage.

The recently installed latest automated manufacturing equipment ensures guaranteed quality assurance.

This equipment incorporated automatic computer controlled welding of the base plates to the shell both inside & outside the shell.

For remote sections the unit is overseen by high resolution cameras. This design of tank is regarded universally as one of the safest and secure methods of storing hazardous liquids. The tank is fitted with a simple warning system.

By having a close fitting bund tank the footprint is greatly reduced. This also aids installation.


Author: Maureen Gaines, Editor, WET News Find on Google+
Topic: Policy & Regulation
Tags: manufacturing , water monitoring , tanks


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