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GMB calls for Ofwat to be scrapped

Trade union GMB is calling for regulator Ofwat and the current structure of privatised water companies to scrapped, saying the regime "has been a costly failure". The GMB wants the water sector back in public control and a national dimension in water resource management.

The GMB wants the old Water Resources Board to be resurrectedThe GMB wants the old Water Resources Board to be resurrected

Eamonn O Hearne Large, GMB lead officer in water, said “This Ofwat regime entirely misses the central point about long term water supply in Britain. When the Tories privatised the industry they made a very big mistake to abandon the national dimension in water resource management since ours is a small heavily populated country with short lines of communication and with plentiful resources on the west side and growing demand on the east side."

He said water supply is a natural monopoly so "futile attempts" to organise it as a free market with competition is not possible and is doomed to failure with untold consequences for the economy. "We should correct this mistake and listen to the experts who gave advice based on needs and not on the desire to make money. It is essential that the government comes forward with plans to get more water to the South-east and eastern England.

"The lack of structures that can make decisions to get the water to where it is needed must be corrected."

O Hearne Large urged the government "to act and act speedily", saying the GMB wants the powers of the old Water Resources Board resurrected so that long term plans can be made to get more water to where it is needed.

Author: Maureen Gaines, Editor, WET News Find on Google+
Topic: Policy & Regulation
Tags: ofwat , water companies , water resource management

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