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OMEX Environmental ltd are leading experts in the field of wastewater treatment solutions. With over 30 years’ experience, OMEX have a vast knowledge on what is needed for WWT plants to operate at their maximum potential. OMEX products are designed to help you operate in a safe and environmentally friendly manner ensuring compliant discharge to sewer and surface water and saving you overall on operational costs. We have a specific range of treatment solutions to deal with all types of wastewater concerns such as acidic wastewater, septicity treatment and sludge control. These products include Magmex, a safe alternative to caustic and lime, designed to control pH levels within both aerobic and anaerobic systems, Nutromex, Nitrogen and Phosphorous solutions to help with the biology of a plant and Anomex, sodium and calcium nitrate solutions, to prevent sulphide gas build up in municipal sewage treatment plants. We are proud to have our own UK based Laboratory where we can analyse effluent samples to investigate the best treatment solution and optimise plant performance.


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Nutromex NP

A range of Nitrogen and Phosphorus blends. The normal ratio for aerobic plants with no N or P input is 5:1 but all ratios from 100%N to 100%P can be provided to optimise plant performance.

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Nutromex NP are a range of Nitrogen and Phosphorous liquid blends to optimise plant health and performance in both aerobic and anaerobic wastewater treatment plants.

In biological wastewater systems, micro-organisms metabolise the soluble pollution, producing carbon dioxide, water and more micro-organisms (sludge). To do this, with optimum efficiency, the micro-organisms need a balanced diet that contains the correct ratios of mineral nutrients.

The Nutromex range consists of;

Nutromex 100 series

A range of Nitrogen and Phosphorous blends . The normal ratio for aerobic plants with no N or P input is 5:1 but all ratios can be provided to optimise plant performance. 

Nutromex Plus 200 series

A range of N and P nutrients combined with fully bio available trace elements to provide a completely balanced nutritional additive.

Nutromex 400 series

This series provides Ca, Mg, Na and K cations where they are lacking in an industrial treatment system.

Nutromex Salts 600 series

Ca, Mg, Na and K cations with bio available trace elements used specifically for condensates being treated anaerobically.

Nutromex PP 900 series

A blend of soluble carbohydrates, N, P, trace nutrients and essential cations. This super food is used to augment COD in start ups , over shutdowns and during recovery from toxic shock.

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