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Evides Industriewater - Introduction

Process Water, Wastewater Treatment, Reuse

Evides Industriewater UK

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Evides Industriewater UK
22/06/2020 09:37:00

video: Evides Industriewater - Introduction
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Evides Industriewater UK

Managed Borehole

We design, build, finance, operate and maintain all of the infrastructure needed to ensure a reliable, secure and consistent supply of groundwater. Our experience in water means that we can treat the water to any standard required and guarantee its quality. Why not also include energy recovery and wastewater treatment and reuse of water to complete a total water management system that is more reliable, cost effective, and environmentally sustainable.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant

We have 50+years of experience in Industrial Waste Water Treatment and have been providing process water for industry recovered from wastewater for 20 years. Evides Industriewater now supply 20 million cubic metres of reuse water to industry for use as demineralised and cooling water. Find out how our unique perspective on Design, Build, Own and Operate can reduce your business costs, improve environmental compliance and increase resilience.

Waste Water Re-Use

After treatment, waste water is normally discharged to rivers or the sea. But with sustainability becoming more and more important in our society and the very real threat of a shortage of fresh water, there is a growing interest in the re-use of (waste) water and in closing the loop of the Circular Economy for Water. Evides Industriewater's pioneering research and development team have made this happen on a huge and commercially viable scale for our clients in the Netherlands.

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