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Conventional Plastics Recycling Most plastic packaging recycling involves size reduction, washing, separation, melt extrusion and pelletising. to form a semi-finished product. This is an expensive exercise where the recycled pellet has to compete with virgin material. This is fine when the price differential with virgin polymer (made from oil) is high, but founder when global markets crash decimating prices. Revaluetech's Lateral Approach Composites made from plastic packaging waste, including marine litter, avoid expensive preparation and only undergo one melt process to directly make finished products. They do not have any connection with oil and polymer price variation, instead compete with concrete and wood. Until now processes used to make composite products from mixed plastic packaging waste resulted in products costing considerably more. With the development of Revaluetech's Re-Formative technology this problem has been overcome. In the case of tropical hardwood and treated soft wood composites are less expensive and compete closely with the price of concrete products. When low maintenance and longer service life factors are taken into account they offer cost and environmental savings compared to concrete, wood and even metal. Polymer Re-Formative Engineering Revaluetech is now able to licence this ground breaking process technology globally to interested parties, enabling a wide variety of composites to be made for


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