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Endeco Technologies


Our customers are paid 70,000 per Megawatt to reduce their energy usage 5 hours per year to power the Nation and avoid Blackouts. We deliver a Monthly Income Stream by connecting the Chemical Industry to National Grid Schemes. Commercial opportunities Companies are receiving a Monthly Payments by turning down their energy usage for 5 hours per year via Endeco Platform. Our Software & Network Operations Centre Monitor, Optimise & Automates your energy consumption 24/7. Everyone wins Endeco Technologies works with intensive energy users to help them participate in schemes which deliver significant financial incentives in return for changes in the way they use electricity. National Grid Schemes are designed to incentivise changes in electric consumption patterns by businesses. For grid operators, adding stability to the system reduces the need for coal and gas fired reserves to be ready to supply power at short notice. Adding to your bottom line For companies, the benefits are multi-layered: An income from National Grid, the ability to avoid price peaks, plus the cost-benefits of load flexibility when renewable sources are available. This is something businesses cannot afford to ignore. We often meet concerns that such participation requires complex, disruptive and expensive technology to make a site 'response-ready'. This is simply not the case. Our advanced energy-automation platform connects company's facilities to National Grid, manages and monitors energy for s


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Endeco Technologies


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