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Air Water Treatments Ltd


With over 30 years knowledge, the personnel are experienced in dealing with odours from Waste Water Treatment Facilities, Landfill and Waste Disposal Sites, Food Processing, Industry, etc., and are approved suppliers to all major UK Water Companies and many Waste Management Companies.


Mr Jozef Kowalewski
33a Castle Close Hawarden Industrial Park
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Air-Water Treatments Manhole Inserts

OPTION 1 - PEACEMAKER INSERTS WITH OXIDISING AND POLISHING MEDIA This design provides generous venting through PERSNICKETY DIOX PELLETS, the patented oxidising/polishing media. PERSNICKETY DIOX is an extremely powerful oxidising agent. Because DIOX reacts selectively and primarily with only the most offensive odour producing compounds (hydrogen sulphide, organic sulphurs, organic amines) PERSNICKETY DIOX PELLETS will normally provide a much longer service life than products such as activated carbon. Unwanted reactions do not occur. Power is not needlessly spent. DIOX remains available and ready on demand.

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Polishing is accomplished with Countervailantâ„¢ technology. This technology protects against the escape of malodours which cannot be oxidised or readily oxidised. It functions synergistically with the technology to which is wed. Countervailant technology is highly specialised, complex and broadly useful chemistry. It incorporates neutralisation technology, but expands considerably beyond it. Polishing and oxidising are accomplished simultaneously. The result is safe, extremely effective broad-spectrum malodour control.

It is not unusual for a single manhole to add 10,000 gallons of water to collections flow on a rainy day. Multiply this be several dozen, several hundred or several thousand, and it is easy to see how wastewater treatment plants can be hydraulically overloaded. This not only upsets treatment, it costs money. Option 2 Inserts will stop inflow cold. At the same time, sewer gas is vented at 1 p.s.i. via a patented relief valve. To prevent ponding over the manhole cover after a rain, the relief valve has a designed leak-down rate of not more than ten gallons in twenty-four hours. Torrents are reduced to drips. Your inflow problem is solved.

The insert will provide some odour control on its own, since it allows only 1 p.s.i. venting relief. Even this can pose problems in some places. In such cases, vented air is directed through a mesh bag containing a patent-pending, odour-absorbing fibre media soaked in PERSNICKETY DIOX neutralising solution. This provides excellent odour control. The media will periodically require the addition of 4 litres of PERSNICKETY DIOX 2000/312 dilute solution through the pick or vent hole. Evaporation rate and malodour severity will dictate timing and dilution rate. On average, it will be necessary every 6-8 weeks using a solution of one part DIOX 2000/312 to 2 parts water. PERSNICKETY DIOX PELLETS are not recommended for this Insert. Fibre media replacement bags are available.

PEACEMAKER Inserts are made to last. They are guaranteed for three years against manufacturing defects. They will not corrode and require no maintenance.

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