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Company Profile: Emefcy's technology transforms wastewater treatment plants from cost to profit centers by addressing the two most costly operational expenses: energy and sludge. Rather than consume electricity to treat industrial wastewater, our EBR (electrogenic bioreactor) uses microbial fuel cell technology to produce electricity. Our SABRE (Spiral Aerobic Biofilm Reactor) passive-aeration treatment process is also significantly more energy efficient than alternative approaches. Emefcy is seeking to transform the energy economics of wastewater treatment, while retaining a practical and cost-effective approach to market needs. This shall help attain the company's vision of sustainable wastewater treatment and environmentally-sound energy generation. At Emefcy, we believe that professionalism is more than mastering methodologies and utilizing toolboxes. Our company unites conceptual, technical and entrepreneurial knowledge with interdisciplinary competencies to arrive at sustainable solutions. Technology Description: Emefcy's Electrogenic Bio Reactors (EBR) is unique compared to other wastewater treatment processes. Our EBR is based on three components new to biological wastewater treatment: Anodes (in anaerobic conditions): Where the bacterial oxidation of the organic matter occurs Cathodes (which are exposed to air): Where the corresponding reduction reaction takes place An electrical circuit that includes the external load, connecting the anodes to the


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