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We are the UK’s leading manufacturer of polyethylene products and utilise the very latest in rotational moulding and UV stabilisation technologies. We construct all of our tanks, bowsers and sprayers using the very highest grade materials ensuring exceptional quality and durability. Who We Are Enduramaxx has designed and manufactured outstanding Water & Chemical tanks, bowsers and sprayers metering solutions for the Cleaning and Hygiene, Water Treatment, Agriculture, Commercial & Industrial Processes markets and now delivers these throughout the UK. Enduramaxx is unique amongst its principal competitors through its scale and breadth of portfolio covering multiple business sectors and many different and varied applications and continues to deliver its way of doing business with quality products and first class service. Our Mission Enduramaxx offers a professional liquid storage solution buying experience that has customer satisfaction as the first priority. Our high-quality products are designed to meet customer needs and we are driven by integrity and loyalty in all we do. We have an open, transparent culture where we always treat others with kindness and compassion.


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Enduramaxx Cone Bottom tanks

Cone Bottom Tank is used where 100% drainage is an advantage. The cone tank means that the liquid completely drains while helping address concerns with vortexing. These polyethylene cone tanks are rotationally moulded which means there is a consistent wall thickness. This high impact chemical resistant tank is manufactured from high-density food grade polyethylene. This conical tank is UV stabilized which means they are suitable for outdoor installations. In natural, these tank are translucent which means the contents of the tank can be easily viewed. These tanks are suitable for liquids of up to 1.7 specific gravity.

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This high impact chemical resistant tank is manufactured from high-density food grade polyethylene. The polyethylene cone tanks are rotationally moulded giving the tank a consistent wall thickness

There are great advantages of cone bottom tanks of which 100 % drainage is the main strength.

The Cone Bottom Tanks consist of 11 sizes ranging from 1360 liters to 21000 liters. 1360 liters, 1600 liters, 2700 liters, 3150 liters, 4200 liters, 4900 liters, 5200 liters 5900 liters, 6200, 6900 liters, 13000 liters, 17000 liters and 21000 liters.

There are outlet locations on the base, side and top of the tank. Client customisation includes additional bulkheads, welded flanges, vented or non-vented lids etc. to meet the specific needs of the client.

Typical uses

       Molasses, liquid feed and liquid fertilizer storage

       Chemical holding & mix tank

       Industrial storage tank and chemical supply tanks

       Industrial mix tank and inductor tanks

       Water treatment and iron removal process from borehole

       Settlement and sludge tank

       Holding tanks, surge tanks and balance tanks

·        Beer, cider and wine manufacture

·        Batch tanks & process mix tanks

For more information - https://www.edie.net/products/redirect.asp?content=product_listing&cid=67119&url=http://www.enduramaxx.co.uk/products/industrial-tanks/cone-tanks/

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