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A water monitoring specialist helping to prevent flooding, reduce pollution and improve rivers and bathing water, Detectronic specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of ultrasonic wastewater flow, level and water quality monitoring equipment for smart network monitoring of sewerage, wastewater and trade effluent. Detectronic provides flood management risk solutions focusing on measuring, recording, reporting and reacting to wastewater depths and flow rates. We provide clients with robust measurement and data, supported by our operations and data centre that delivers continuous data screening and analysis. By implementing smart network monitoring along with a combination of real-time and predictive data analysis, we can provide timely intervention reports to warn of potential or building issues and pollution reports that will significantly minimise the duration of any pollution events should they occur.


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ORAKEL Ultrasonic clamp on flow meter

An ultrasonic clamp on flow meter, the Orakel Time of Flight flow meter is a non invasive liquid flow measurement tool. It is used for monitoring flows in closed pipes and can be easily installed without stopping the process. It uses ultrasonic technology to calculate flow velocity without the need to cut into existing pipework. Transducers are simply clamped onto the exterior wall of the pipe. This makes it ideal for measuring liquids in industrial process applications.

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The ORAKEL ultrasonic clamp on flow meter works by sending an ultrasonic signal from one transducer to the next and measuring the time it takes for that signal to be received. This is known as Transit Time. Signals are sent through the pipe in both an upstream and downstream direction.

If there was no flow in the pipe, the transit time would be the same in either direction. However, when there is a flow, sound moves faster when travelling in the same direction as the flow and slower when moving against the flow. When the fluid moves faster, the difference between the upstream and downstream times increases. The difference in time between upstream measurement and the downstream measurement is used to calculate the flow.

Transit time ultrasonic flow meters can be configured in a Z, V and W pattern. The best configuration depends on factors such as pipe size, the condition of the pipe, or the characteristics of the liquid inside the pipe. The most common configuration is the V shape where two transducers are positioned on the same side of the pipe. When positioning the transducers, measure the pipe diameter and put the same distance between the transducers.


 Designed to measure liquids, the ORAKEL ultrasonic clamp on flow meter can measure almost any fluid that contains <10% solids or gas; including water, oils, petrochemicals, alcohol and more.

It is suitable for the following applications:

  • Liquid flows needing precision measuring
  • High and low temperature flows
  • Pipeline leak detection
  • Management of liquid transfer
  • Process metering and flow measurement
  • Hot and cold water metering and flow measurement
  • Potable water measurement
  • Flow measurement of liquid ingredients

The ORAKEL Time of Flight flow meter is a cost effective alternative to traditional in-line meter installation.

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