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Nova Q Ltd


Nova Q helps plant managers, operators and farmers get the most out of their biology. With distribution of AquaClean(TM) bacteria products, Nova Q is able to augment most biological processes. Speciality areas are: - Bio-hydrolysis - Nitrification and denitrification - Biological Waste Water Treatment - Industrial Water Treatment - Lake remediation - Anaerobic Digestion - Compost - Odour prevention AquaClean(TM) biological products are natural, safe, non-GMO bacteria products with long shelf life at normal storage conditions. Odour Prevention: EnvirochemTM range of products removes sulfur and ammonia based odours and prevents new ones being generated. Waste Water Treatment, Landfill and Composting, Animal Manure, Sewage, Household Organic Waste Bins, Brewery Waste plants. Activated Carbon: A wide range of specialist areas for the treatment of air and gas, liquid purification, water treatment and chemical synthesis. Electrochemical Oxidisation: Universal Degreaser: effective in cleaning bilges, exhaust stacks, blood and organic stains, waterline scum, petroleum based drilling muds, all heavy greased wastes and grease traps, as well as elimination of marine pollution. Oilgon is also the recognised leading product for the removal of creosote.

Fuel Conditioner: ecoSpark is a 100% green, vegetable derived conditioner that reduces emissions while increasing the performance of y


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Nova Q Ltd


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