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SCFI Aquacritox


SCFI provides a sustainable solution for wastewater treatment and sludge disposal with its innovative, unique AquaCritox technology. This delivers complete organic waste destruction that is fully sustainable, environmentally friendly, efficient and cost-effective. AquaCritox is especially suitable for the treatment of sewage, drinking water sludge and industrial organic aqueous waste streams. It uses super critical water oxidation (SCWO) to deliver 99.99% destruction of wet organic wastes safely, without generating hazardous emissions, and is completely odourless. With payback periods of approximately five years, AquaCritox generates renewable energy and recovers valuable by-products, such as phosphorus and CO2, which can be used for resale. SCWO is achieved when water temperature exceeds 374oC and is pressurised to 221 bar. In its super critical state, water becomes a universal solvent for gases and organic compounds. By adding an oxygen supply, a very rapid and complete oxidation reaction takes place, which not only generates thermal energy, but also converts all organic materials in sewage sludge into CO2, nitrogen and clean water. AquaCritox is a full destruction rather than reduction technology, offering a significant decrease in costs with none of the hazardous by-products associated with other destruction technologies.


CEO John O'Regan
Rubicon Centre
CIT Campus, Bishopstown


SCFI Aquacritox


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