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Cirrus Aqua Ltd


Water Borehole Rehabilitation and Development Using AirBurst.... AirBurst Technology is a new and patented process that stimulates selected zones in a water well. A small volume of high pressure inert gas is used to generate high intensity "pressure-pulses" in the well. The pulses create high frequency acoustic waves that break up and remove mineral scales and bio-films from the borehole wall or well screen. The released gases also create an air bubble which expands and collapses. The bubble surges water into and out of the formation adjacent to the tool. Expansion and collapse of the bubble produces an intense surging action that displaces fine sediment, mineral scale and bio-mass within the formation and pulls the debris into the well bore. Most well rehabilitation methods attempt a single application to treat the entire borehole. AirBurst Technology develops every inch of the well structure with multiple bursts and the rate of energy release is infinitely adjustable to suit any diameter or age well. AirBurst Technology may be used in conjunction with new and traditional nonhazardous well treatment products to enhance the effectiveness of the overall process.


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Cirrus Aqua Ltd


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