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Jaeggi Hybridtechnology AG


Hybrid dry coolers unite the efficiency benefits of evaporative cooling with the environmental advantages of dry air cooling. They are used for cooling and heat rejection within refrigeration, air conditioning and process installations. In the UK, we are now seeing the effect of climate change on the selection of cooling systems where designers seek to resolve the question of achieving lower cooling temperatures (for optimum system efficiency and energy saving) whilst designing for higher Summer ambient temperatures. Hybrid cooling can often be the most valid answer: where designers seek to conserve energy and reduce water consumption in response to growing environmental and regulatory pressures; where dry coolers or adiabatic spray coolers cannot achieve the desired lower cooling temperatures specified for optimum chiller efficiency and energy saving; where cooling towers are not permitted (due to water problems or perceived legionella risk). Hybrid dry coolers and condensers are used within refrigeration and air conditioning systems in commercial and office buildings, airports, hospitals, research centres and data centres as well as for process cooling in the food, dairy, brewing and pharmaceutical industries. Operating costs for hybrid coolers are significantly lower with: up to 80% lower water consumption compared to cooling towers; 30-35% lower energy consumption compared to cooling towers or dry coolers; low maintenance costs.


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Jaeggi Hybridtechnology AG


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