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Markland Specialty Engineering Ltd.


* Sludge Blanket Level Detectors * Suspended Solids Density Meters * Automatic Composite Samplers * Designing + manufacturing ultrasonic and optical instrumentation that helps municipal/industrial plants measure, monitor and automate control of water & wastewater treatment and process slurries, since 1967. Products: The Sludge Gun? - handheld detector Automatic Sludge Blanket Level Detectors Suspended Solids Density Meters Automatic Duckbill Composite Sampling Systems. Markland products assist in the management of: - primary, secondary, return-activated (RAS) and backwash silt/sludge/biosolids - incoming raw water and process slurries. They are ideally suited for, and easy to install in: - clarifiers; settlement tanks; lamellas; DAF and SBR units; hoppers; decanting tanks; sedimentation basins - pipelines; re-circulation loops - lagoons and ponds. Markland instruments are used at Utilities, and in industries as diverse as food, mineral, chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical processing, pulp & paper and power generation, and mining, around the world. Markland offers, at no-charge, a complete engineering report of its instrument's response to the customer's material. Markland products meet the needs of unique applications. Factory-direct support and quick delivery.


Mr Peter Wilbourne


Markland Specialty Engineering Ltd.


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