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Markland Specialty Engineering Ltd.


* Sludge Blanket Level Detectors * Suspended Solids Density Meters * Automatic Composite Samplers * Designing + manufacturing ultrasonic and optical instrumentation that helps municipal/industrial plants measure, monitor and automate control of water & wastewater treatment and process slurries, since 1967. Products: The Sludge Gun? - handheld detector Automatic Sludge Blanket Level Detectors Suspended Solids Density Meters Automatic Duckbill Composite Sampling Systems. Markland products assist in the management of: - primary, secondary, return-activated (RAS) and backwash silt/sludge/biosolids - incoming raw water and process slurries. They are ideally suited for, and easy to install in: - clarifiers; settlement tanks; lamellas; DAF and SBR units; hoppers; decanting tanks; sedimentation basins - pipelines; re-circulation loops - lagoons and ponds. Markland instruments are used at Utilities, and in industries as diverse as food, mineral, chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical processing, pulp & paper and power generation, and mining, around the world. Markland offers, at no-charge, a complete engineering report of its instrument's response to the customer's material. Markland products meet the needs of unique applications. Factory-direct support and quick delivery.


Mr Peter Wilbourne


Suspended Solids Density Meter

Markland's Meter monitors silt/sludge concentrations in pipes, clarifiers & tanks, and automates de-sludging, using the inherently safe attenuation of non-radioactive ultrasound (no permits, no approvals required).

This instrument helps Utilities/industrial water & wastewater plants by measuring primary, secondary, return-activated and backwash sludge. It allows users to program underflow pumps to automatically shut off before sludge becomes too thin, and helps determine polymer dosages for improved filter press/centrifuge/digester performance. These efficiencies improve the outflow available for reuse.

Percentage suspended solids readings are continuously sent to a computer/control system, enabling calculation of mass flow rate. By observing changes in density, operators may also gain early awareness of breaks in filtration material. Readings are not affected by the colour of particulates or fluid.

The inline pipe spool-piece sensor is non-intrusive and supplied in various pipe sizes and materials (including PVC and carbon/stainless steel). A throw-in style probe is also available, which can be used as a single point interface level detector as well, allowing operators to program de-sludge pumps to turn on when the rising sludge blanket contacts it. Each style is simple to install, calibrate and clean.

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