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Drayton Tank & Accessories Ltd


Drayton Tank & Accessories is situated in The Midlands and in South Yorkshire supplying storage tanks throughout the whole of the UK, with water tanks complying to both British and European Standards and regulations and also approved by the water industry (WRAS approved) for potable drinking water storage, also Category 5 backflow prevention with our Type ab air gaps and also hot water, waste and chemical storage requirements for commercial and industrial applications. Drayton Tank & Accessories have some of the highest quality of accessories available for our storage and water tanks. GRP Housings, Kiosks and Enclosures are also available in one piece and sectional type to specific customer sizes and colours with many optional extras including: Aylesbury Float Valves (K type, KA Type, KAX Type KB Type), Brass Equilibrium Ball Valves, Brass BSP threaded connectors, Stainless Steel BSP threaded connectors, Screened Overflows, Cat 5 Backflow Prevention (Type AB Airgap), Laminated PN16 Stub Flanges, AD52 Level Switches, Access Hatches, Drip Trays and Rodent Screens Drayton Tank & Accessories products are WRAS Approved and are also an ISO 9002 Quality Assured Certified Company.


Mr Steve Lockley
3 Crown House Market Street
South Yorkshire
S36 6BZ

Drayton Tank & Accessories Ltd

Drayton Tank & Accessories Ltd has been supplying water storage tanks and chemical tanks for over 14 years, building up quickly to one of the largest tank manufacturers in Britain.

This has largely been achieved by the outstanding quality of its products and the exceptional customer service the company provides.

The company supplies GRP (Glass reinforced Plastic) storage tanks capable of storing Chemical, Waste and water at ambient temperatures, Water tanks are suitable up to 30 Deg C, upto 70 Deg C, upto 100 Deg C.

These tanks can be supplied with insulation if required, also these tanks come in three forms, One piece tanks with bolted lids, Two piece tanks with bolted lid with a horizontal split halfway up the tank and Sectional tanks which are normally made up of 1000mm x 1000mm panels or 1220mm x 1220mm panels, or half panels, Drayton Tank also do a range of Internally Flanged Sectional tanks.

All Three Types of tanks are WRAS approved for use as Potable Water tanks for drinking water, this approval tests to ensure nothing from any material used or process in producing the tank allows it to leach into the water.

There is an enormous selection of fitting and accessories available for connecting to and configuring a storage tank to your specific needs, Drayton tank has evolved into supplying what they consider the best fittings and accessories around to ensure long life and product quality throughout.

Drayton Tank is one of the only companies to offer some of the largest Screened overflow kits in the UK if not the world with sizes upto 24". For most requirements the regulations state that the overflow should be twice the size of the inlet and the kits come complete with Warning pipe and Tank vent / breather.

If you have any questions regarding regulations or requirements for any type of liquid storage Drayton Tanks Technical staff is ready and happy to help answer any queries, even to the extent of advising other Tank Manufacturers.

For further information please email Drayton Tank & Accessories Ltd

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