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powerPerfector's Voltage Power Optimisation (VPO) gives energy, cost and carbon savings by efficiently optimising a site's supply voltage. By optimising the voltage, electrical equipment runs more efficiently and consumes less energy. powerPerfector's power conditioning benefits create a more efficient, robust and reliable electrical supply for your site, protecting your entire electrical infrastructure. Our energy efficiency solution is unparalleled in terms of reliability and savings. It comes with a 15 year warranty and has a 50 year lifespan. VPO has maintained a 100% reliability record over 18 years and over 180,000 installations worldwide. Our simple four‐step evaluation process is free and without obligation and our savings estimates are underwritten by a guarantee on your Return on Investment. Our energy efficiency technology is trusted by some of the biggest names in energy and climate change. They include the energy regulator (Ofgem), the government's climate change department (DECC), the UK's main electricity distributor (National Grid), the UK's environmental guardians (Environment Agency), 160 local authorities and 20 government agencies.


Michael Pullan
powerPerfector House

1-10 Praed Mews,
W2 1QY

Hilton Hotel Achieves Cuts of 16.5% in Energy Costs.....

The Hilton Hotel Group are looking to radically reduce their ever mounting energy bills, reduce their carbon emissions and protect their entire electronic infrastructure from transients through the installation of a technology that would achieve their aims with minimal disruption to the obvious demands of the 24hr supply.

Hilton have currently installed VPO units at 6 sites including London Docklands, Glasgow, Bracknell, Newcastle Gateshead, Manchester Airport and Brighton Metropole and are now looking to roll out the technology to other hotels.

The installation at Hilton Hotel Manchester Airport of a 560kVA powerPerfector V.P.O. unit is providing:

  • 16.5% reduction in electricity consumption and costs.

  • 16.5% reduction in CO2 emissions, lessening the environmental impact of the hotel's operations.

  • Protection against transients (spikes) that damage computers and other sensitive equipment.
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