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powerPerfector's Voltage Power Optimisation (VPO) gives energy, cost and carbon savings by efficiently optimising a site's supply voltage. By optimising the voltage, electrical equipment runs more efficiently and consumes less energy. powerPerfector's power conditioning benefits create a more efficient, robust and reliable electrical supply for your site, protecting your entire electrical infrastructure. Our energy efficiency solution is unparalleled in terms of reliability and savings. It comes with a 15 year warranty and has a 50 year lifespan. VPO has maintained a 100% reliability record over 18 years and over 180,000 installations worldwide. Our simple four‐step evaluation process is free and without obligation and our savings estimates are underwritten by a guarantee on your Return on Investment. Our energy efficiency technology is trusted by some of the biggest names in energy and climate change. They include the energy regulator (Ofgem), the government's climate change department (DECC), the UK's main electricity distributor (National Grid), the UK's environmental guardians (Environment Agency), 160 local authorities and 20 government agencies.


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Energy Savings in the Food and Drinks Industry

As the Chancellor announces that economic growth is unlikely to see a recovery before next year, businesses need to focus on cutting operations cost. Energy efficiency is a key area to address, especially when savings of 15% are obtainable.

Savings of 15% in costs, CO2 and kWh's

Newly Weds Foods, A world leader in food ingredient technology.

'We had 2 pP units a 1000kVA and a 420kVA fitted at our premises on the weekend of the 22nd November 2008. The site was assessed at 9% optimisation giving a projected saving around 14%. To avoid any disputes between pP and ourselves I based the projected savings and hence the ROI at 10% which would have given us a payback time of just under 2 years. I allowed 2 days installation and commissioning time which would have given us at least some window to rectify any problems we may encounter due to the reduction in voltage to equipment. We also built a small stock holding of product to ensure at least some continuity of supply to customers. The installation was carried out by H.C. Engineering York, and although not cheap, Ralph and his team were extremely flexible, professional and accommodating, carrying out the installation in 1 day rather than over 2 weekends as previously agreed and at no extra cost.

Five months after installation we are now seeing verified savings of at least 15%; due to our electricity charges we will see a ROI of just under 15 months.

Why did I select pP for the project? pP was the only company who would guarantee the savings and reverse the entire installation at their cost if the figures didn't stack up. From my point of view any company that will stipulate such a guarantee must have 100% confidence in the product they are providing and to be honest, I never doubted them.'

Phil Wright,
Newly Weds Foods

And from the drinks industry an example of a fantastic saving of 10.75%

Frederic Robinson Brewery, one of Britain's largest regional brewers.

'I was very sceptical that we would achieve savings of over 7% by fitting the powerPerfector due to the fact the site is already very energy efficient. There are over 100 electric motors on the site on pumps, compressors and drives, varying from 0.75kW to 75kW, all but a few of them are fitted with Variable Speed Drives for either control purposes or to save energy or both. Any new motor fitted in the last 6 years has also been an Eff 1 design, so to get well over 10% saving is remarkable.

I have presented the results to fellow members of the Brewing Engineers Association who I know are looking hard at their own sites. In the current climate it is very hard to ignore a technology that can be so easily fitted in to a site that gives such immediate savings.'

Bill Doodson,
Chief Engineer

Full case studies available from the website.

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