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powerPerfector's Voltage Power Optimisation (VPO) gives energy, cost and carbon savings by efficiently optimising a site's supply voltage. By optimising the voltage, electrical equipment runs more efficiently and consumes less energy. powerPerfector's power conditioning benefits create a more efficient, robust and reliable electrical supply for your site, protecting your entire electrical infrastructure. Our energy efficiency solution is unparalleled in terms of reliability and savings. It comes with a 15 year warranty and has a 50 year lifespan. VPO has maintained a 100% reliability record over 18 years and over 180,000 installations worldwide. Our simple four‐step evaluation process is free and without obligation and our savings estimates are underwritten by a guarantee on your Return on Investment. Our energy efficiency technology is trusted by some of the biggest names in energy and climate change. They include the energy regulator (Ofgem), the government's climate change department (DECC), the UK's main electricity distributor (National Grid), the UK's environmental guardians (Environment Agency), 160 local authorities and 20 government agencies.


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DEFRA - Voltage Optimisation Project (powerPerfector)

Case Study 3.1 2007 'Sustainable Development in Government Report'

Description of the project,
"As part of its Carbon Management Programme, the Built Environment Sustainability Team (BEST) - Defra Estates, researched innovative technologies which had the potential to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions with the Defra Network. Using contacts within other government departments, expertise from partner contractors, external organisations and industry experts along with contacts made through workshops and conferences, they identified Voltage Optimisation as a technology that could help deliver the required improvements. powerPerfector (a product with a proven track record in industry, the private and public sector and endorsed by the Carbon Trust) seemed to offer a creative solution.

powerPerfector has the ability to lower the voltage for a whole site, doing so more efficiently than any other technology currently available.

This reduces energy bills and improves the efficiency and operation of electrical equipment.

Using energy, emissions and cost data for the estate, BEST identified the top five sites that had the potential to deliver the largest energy efficiencies and emissions reductions that could be considered for a pilot installation programme.
They met representatives from powerPerfector and arranged site surveys and projected saving data reports for the pilot sites. Once that data report was received, the team developed detailed pilot proposals and prepared a report showing pilot sites in terms of cost/benefit analysis and savings potential in terms of outlay versus energy saving and carbon emissions reduction. The report sought funding of £582k for five sites (10 powerPerfector units) with a payback period of 28 months and energy efficiencies of between 8% and 11%. This was then presented to the Management Board for financial approval, which was granted early 2007.

The Barriers

There have been some concerns raised regarding powerPerfector being compatible with certain site specific operations and specialist equipment. These have been addressed on a site by site basis and any issues have been discussed and resolved with all stakeholders and representatives of powerPerfector before installation plans have been implemented.

The outcomes and benefits

To date, six installations have been completed and savings are on target to be above those initially predicted i.e. between 8% and 11%. Current estimates are that we will achieve savings of at least £500K per year in electricity costs and 475 tonnes of carbon per year, with some sites having the potential of up to 15% savings.

This project is delivering tangible results which will help Defra meet it SOGE targets. Our data and case studies will be made available to all other government departments through our website, in order to share good practice and any lessons learned. It has been such a successful pilot that BEST have gone back to the Management Board and sought (and received) approval for a further £1.8M to roll out the technology across the Estate"

Anita Collier, Head of Built Environment Sustainability Team, Estates Division, DEFRA Estates.

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