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First Steps Ltd


First Steps Ltd is a geotechnical and geo-environmental service provider; founded in 2000, it supplies employers with staff and employees with training, and clients with consulting services. Employment services are delivered mainly for long term positions. Where possible those seeking employment are advised according to their individual profile and personal strengths. First Steps now has 10 years experience in providing training and courses for engineers, scientists and technical staff especially in the areas of laboratory work and drilling. All courses are provided by staff that are Chartered and have practical experience in the subject they teach. For those needing a higher qualification it has created the "The Geotechnical Industries Specialised Award" under the umbrella of the NVQ for specialised skills. Our web site www.firststeps-geo.co.uk provides further details of these and other activities. First Steps is also instrumental in managing The London Basin Forum, tasked with publishing the Atlas of London Geology by 2014 for the Geological Society of London.


Christine Butenuth
Unit 17 Hurlingham Studios

Ranelagh Gardens


A New Training Programme For Scientists, Engineers & Surveyors Creating Ground Models For Engineering And Environmetal Purposes.

An e-learning suite of training exercises, Lapworth's Logs, which can be completed within the convenience of either the office or home, is now available.

Soon to be CPD endorsed by the Geological Society of London these exercises are interactive and present life-like tasks that mimic the real world commonly encountered in ground engineering.

They are suitable for embedding into the in-house component of a Company Training Scheme so enabling a training budget to be more efficiently spent; they will complement company training schemes applying for Endorsement by the Geological Society of London, and enable individual staff to acquire and demonstrate a workman like understanding of geology in space and time and its application to ground models for engineering, hydrogeological and environmental purposes at Chartership interviews.

To see more:
E-mail: info@lapworthslogs.com
Web: www.lapworthslogs.com

The exercises train users in obtaining the position, orientation and shape of geological boundaries that make up a volume of ground in 3-Dimensions as well as in time. These govern the inputs to design and analyses for engineering within the ground for geotechnical, hydrogeological and environmental purposes, and the response of the ground to such engineering work. The skills the exercises impart are therefore fundamental for establishing a verifiable ground model needed to achieve good ground engineering.


The exercises have been designed by Dr Michael de Freitas of Imperial College London and now Director of First Steps, and are based on over 40years of practical experience in teaching and applying engineering geology. The software has been designed by Mr Andrew Thompson, Director of Groundwork Maps, and reflects over 30years of experience in the digital management and display of data.

Training areas
There are 5 Skills sets for users to choose from, as follows.

1. Geotechnical Engineering for Civil Engineers (appropriate for graduate engineers who wish to specialise in ground engineering).
2. Hydrogeology for Civil Engineers & Earth Scientists (appropriate for scientists and engineers who wish to specialise in hydrogeology).
3. Geology for Civil Engineers (essentially for undergraduate tuition in basic aspects of applied geology).
4. Environmental Science for Earth Scientists, Geographers and Engineers (essentially for those scientists and engineers who wish to focus their studies on environmental science and technology).
5. Engineering Geology for Earth Scientists (designed for training those with a geology degree or equivalent in Earth Science in aspects of applied geology for ground engineering).

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