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The patented Enigma electronic descaler provides a proven, simple solution to hard water problems. Limescale is estimated to cost industry ?billions in descaling, lost production, early renewal of capital equipment, chemicals and increased energy bills. Also scale acts as a breeding ground for the potentially fatal Legionella Pneumophila bacteria. With over 26 years experience within commerce and industry, our successful applications include Calorifiers, Plate Heat Exchangers, Cooling Systems, Humidifiers, District Heating, Effluent Treatment, etc. Users include M.o.D, John Lewis Partnership, the Gherkin (Swiss RE), Water Companies, Universities, Local Authorities


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Kings school Canterbury hot water systems

News release: The installation of the technically advanced Scalewatcher ENiGMA descaling system has resulted in King's School being able to reduce the use of its boiler in one of its boarding houses by a massive 62% in just two months. Now clear of Scale, the boiler is able to heat water from 46°C to 56° in just two hours forty minutes compared to six hours twenty minutes preceding the installation of the Scalewatcher ENiGMA system - saving 58% in energy costs.

Situated in an urban environment in the historic town of Canterbury in Kent, King's School was originally established in 597AD, making it Britain's oldest school. An independent co-educational day and boarding school, King's School caters for 769 pupils aged 12 to 18 years.

As Kent is situated in one of Britain's hardest water areas, with a hardness factor of around 508ppm, the school was badly affected by limeScale, which built up in the pipelines and water-fed equipment. This resulted in poor temperature differentials between flow and return at the extremities of the circuit, Scale in the bathrooms and kitchen and the boilers failing to heat water to set-point of the secondary thermostat.

An electromagnetic Scale inhibitor was installed, when a new boarding house was built four years ago. However when the calorifier was opened for inspection some months later it was found to be heavily Scaled.

Looking for an alternative product that would not only extend the life of capital equipment but also reduce energy costs, the school decided to evaluate the Scalewatcher ENiGMA Electronic Descaling System from Environmental Treatment Concepts (ETC).

To monitor performance of the system, ETC installed a data logger, which took temperature readings of the treated water every 15 minutes over a 3-month period. The raw data recorded, (see overleaf) clearly shows that prior to treatment the boiler remained on constantly during the day because the water never heated sufficiently to operate the thermostat. However, in just 2 months the heat exchanger efficiency increased because of descaling and the boiler now maintains temperatures correctly. Energy savings are obvious as the boiler now runs for 6.5 hours a day instead of 17.

Commenting, on the system, Gavin Merryweather, Domestic Bursar, said: "We are delighted with the Scalewatcher ENiGMA descaling system and will be gradually installing it throughout the school as funds become available. Being in such a hard water area can result in the early renewal of capital equipment. The system will not only help reduce energy bills but will also increases the life expectancy of items such as boilers, calorifiers and laundry equipment".

Since the Scalewatcher ENiGMA was installed on the calorifier, other units have been successfully fitted at other locations around the school. King's School is also considering installing the award winning Scalewatcher ENiGMA Olympic unit on its swimming pools, which dramatically reduces chemical usage, providing payback in just 18 months. In addition, savings can be achieved from not having to replace valves and bundles in the swimming pool heat exchangers.

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