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DESMI has been designing and producing high quality oil spill equipment for more than 30 years. Our equipment has been used with great success at most of the major oil spills and at countless other operations in over 100 countries. In addition to the renowned Ro-Boom and Desmi DOP submersible pumps, we produce an extensive range of booms, DESMI skimmers - including disc, brush, mop, weir, belt, vacuum and 10-19 mtr range of multipurpose anti-pollution workboats. Our experienced engineering staff are able to custom design and fabricate systems for any situation, including offshore/coastal/inland waters, ports, terminals, refineries and spill response bases. Our experience combined with top quality manufacturing facilities has resulted in the most well-known and proven oil spill control devices in the world today! Ro-Clean Desmi A/S is part of the DESMI group which, in addition to the DOP range, also manufactures an extensive range of other famous pump types. Ro-Clean Desmi with head offices in Denmark and sales and service facilities in the UK, USA, South America and Indonesia is supported by an international network of over 50 trained agents and


Mrs Cathrine Leech
Unit 24 Shamrock Quay

SO14 5QL

New high-capacity screw pump unveiled

DESMI is well known for its' wide range of industrial and marine pumps. For the last 25 years DESMI have been supplying a range of submersible vertical screw pumps for the maritime and oil sectors. These screw pumps are particularly useful for transferring oil from stricken ships and spills, as they can generate high discharge pressure and handle almost any oil that will flow. This versatility is highly beneficial to a port or oil terminal where a variety of situations could arise - tank cleaning, emergency offloading, product transfer, oil spills.

The line of pumps has now been complemented with a new mid-size pump, called the DOP-200 (Desmi Offloading Pump).

The DOP-200 can move mixtures of oil, oil and water, or just water - and still generate up to 188 psi in the discharge hose. When pumping oil and water mixtures, the positive displacement design means that the oil is not emulsified.

The high pressure is achieved due to special discs that fit into the screw as it rotates, rather like spokes in a wheel. In addition a special knife is fitted to the leading edge of the screw to cut up rope, weed and other contamination.

The DOP-200 has another unique feature - it is fitted with dual discharge ports, for horizontal and vertical connection of the hose.

The DOP-200 has a 8 inch inlet, 4 inch discharge coupling and weighs only 128 lbs. Its' larger brother, the DOP-250 can pump up to 550 gallons per minute, while the smallest pump in the range - the DOP-160, is capable of 130 gallons per minute

Refer to www.ro-cleandesmi.com for more information

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