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Naylor Industries plc is a family owned fourth generation business. The Company's head office is in Barnsley, UK; it has 6 manufacturing sites across the UK: 3 in Yorkshire and one each in the West Midlands, Fife and Cheshire. The Company's origins lie in clay pipes - a product which it has manufactured for over 100 years. From this traditional base, Naylor's activities have expanded and diversified resulting in a group of substance, with interests across a broad spectrum of the building and construction industries. The Naylor group today employs some 400 people and sells a wide range of drainage and concrete products as far afield as South East Asia and Australasia.


Miss Liz Hudston
Clough Green
South Yorkshire
S75 4AD

Naylor upgrade and expand Hathernware production area

Naylor is in the process of completing its initial expansion and upgrade project for the Hathernware production area where Naylor Thermachem drainage products are manufactured.

The project involved installing a new dryer and track work to increase capacity in the Hathernware production area to allow for an increase in demand over recent months. In addition the existing kiln had to be lifted a few cm's to be put in line with the new track work and allow for easy loading between the dryer and kiln. A new extruder has also been installed to aid with manufacturing capacity and to manufacture larger diameters.

Naylor's Thermachem drainage system is manufactured from Naylor's own Hathernware material - a chemical stoneware that is manufactured from a pure blend of clays and added minerals. The product is fired to over 1,200°C and the result is a dense material with very low absorption rates - typically less than 1%.

The low absorption and chemically resistant nature of the raw materials make Naylor Thermachem drainage resistant to a wide range of aggressive chemicals in the full pH range of 1 to 14. The material also provides excellent resistant to thermal shock, been able to resist an instant temperature change of up to 120°C.

The production process involves pipe extrusion, kiln car loading, drying and firing. The changes in production have allowed for greater efficiencies in handling between the different processes and will greatly improve capacity at the plant.

The project has been designed to cater for even further expansion. The dryer that has been installed is large enough to feed a second kiln and an area has already been set aside for this. The new track work that has been laid has also been laid in anticipation of a second kiln which will allow for simple loading of either kiln from 1 dryer. It is expected the new kiln will be ordered in the next few months and installed by early 2016.

Thermachem drainage can now comfortably be manufactured with internal diameters up to DN500 and in conjunction with Naylor's policy to keep stock on the ground of popular items for quick turnarounds even large requirements can now be handled quickly.

More information on Thermachem can be found here on Naylor's web site. To check the suitability of Naylor Thermachem for your environment please contact Naylor on Thermachem@naylor.co.uk or 01226 794056.

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