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Ecologia Environmental Solutions Ltd


Ecologia Environmental Solutions is a specialist Contractor in the investigation and remediation of contaminated land and groundwater with an emphasis on assisting property developers, construction companies and housebuilders reclaim brownfield land, assessing and cleaning polluted waters and attending oil and fuel spills. Ecologia Environmental Solutions also offers specialised support to insurance companies dealing with environmental claims. Ecologia Environmental Solutions provides state-of-the-art remediation services. Our dedicated staff of environmental project managers have extensive backgrounds in both assessment and remediation. We provide a single-source for services from initial investigative phases through geotechnical and geoenvironmental site investigation and remediation implementation to final regulatory compliance and sign off. As a client focussed design-build group, we will inform you of the full spectrum of available remediation options, assess and discuss your needs, and then design and implement the most appropriate solution. We use cutting-edge technology and traditional in-situ / ex-situ treatment systems from design through to implementation and completion. Our corrective action plans incorporate the best available remediation methods.


Dr Giacomo Maini
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Multiphase and Dual Phase Extraction in Italy - The Video

In 2009 Ecologia was appointed to design, manufacture and install a Multi-Phase extraction system at a chemicals facility in Northern Italy.

The remediation contracting was undertaken by Ecologia following investigation and overall design by various consultants. The aim of the multiphase system was to prevent any off site escape of hydrocarbon contamination from the shallow aquifer and to remove VOCs from the unsaturated soils, acting as a source zone.

Following the successful operation of the 1st phase of works in 2011 Ecologia was appointed to design, manufacture and install an additional system to treat the off site plume which had impacted both soils and groundwater .

The system installed in 2009 uses Multi-Phase Extraction (MPE). This technique applies a high vacuum for removing liquids and vapour from the subsurface utilising the same extraction well and it is particularly suited for removing liquids from shallow wells with variable water recharge dominated by precipitation.

The second system installed in 2011 uses a Dual Phase Extraction (DPE) where down hole pumps and high capacity vacuum blowers are combined in order to achieve independent water and vapour removal systems in anticipation that one phase may require longer remediation than the other. A system remote air water separators had to be installed in order to prevent condensate built up in the SVE extraction pipework, with the liquid phase being returned to the treatment system separately to the gaseous phase.

The equipment was fully designed and built at our workshops in Kent including the design and manufacture of the control panel and telemetry system as well as the design and manufacture of the automated total volatile organic compound (TVOC) detection device.

The equipment is fully ATEX compliant and designed to be easy to use by site staff following training. Anti frost protection and cooling equipment was also incorporated in the design as the area is subject to annual temperature variation of 40°C to -10°C.

The MPE system installed in 2009 is extracting from 12 wells; whilst DPE system installed in 2011 is extracting from 10 pumps and a total of 16 SVE wells.

To date the combined system has recovered more that 30 tonnes of VOCs since the commencement of operation in 2009.

The design, manufacture and installation of both systems was undertaken within a lump sum contract and was completed on time and within budget.

The both systems are currently managed and operated by Ecologia.

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