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Ecologia Environmental Solutions Ltd


Ecologia Environmental Solutions is a specialist Contractor in the investigation and remediation of contaminated land and groundwater with an emphasis on assisting property developers, construction companies and housebuilders reclaim brownfield land, assessing and cleaning polluted waters and attending oil and fuel spills. Ecologia Environmental Solutions also offers specialised support to insurance companies dealing with environmental claims. Ecologia Environmental Solutions provides state-of-the-art remediation services. Our dedicated staff of environmental project managers have extensive backgrounds in both assessment and remediation. We provide a single-source for services from initial investigative phases through geotechnical and geoenvironmental site investigation and remediation implementation to final regulatory compliance and sign off. As a client focussed design-build group, we will inform you of the full spectrum of available remediation options, assess and discuss your needs, and then design and implement the most appropriate solution. We use cutting-edge technology and traditional in-situ / ex-situ treatment systems from design through to implementation and completion. Our corrective action plans incorporate the best available remediation methods.


Dr Giacomo Maini
Building 711 & 712
Kent Science Park

JOY 4 Hybrid Drilling Rig for Environmental Applications

Since taking delivery of their first Hydra Joy 4 rotary rig over 2 years ago, Ecologia's drilling division have striven to provide the very highest quality service they can with cutting edge technology at the forefront of their ethos.

The rig was commissioned specifically to cater for both geotechnical and environmental drilling applications with a particular emphasis on the ability to provide flush-free techniques in order to minimise contaminant mobilisation. On that basis Ecologia took the, at that time, pioneering step of combining sonic drilling technology with a conventional rotary rig in order to create a Hybrid system which allows in-field switching between techniques.

This enables our drilling crews to switch from fast, clean sonic drilling in non-cohesive soils to conventional flight auger or flushed rotary techniques in a matter of minutes, dependent on ground conditions, with none of the additional downtime or re-mobilisation costs that might occur with a conventional machine.

This capability has proven highly useful in pure environmental drilling where flush is either prohibited or at the very least undesirable. Sonic techniques allow rapid sampling and probing of the ground and, in ideal conditions, are almost 100% spoil free (i.e. the only arising from the borehole is the sample).

Where sonic may sometimes be limited by banded geology or where larger diameter samples are required, in a matter of minutes the tooling can be switched to our wireline hollow stem auger system, allowing the hole to progress mechanically, still without flush and with the option of disturbed/undisturbed sampling and in-situ testing if required.

The added advantage of having independent drive heads is that, once the augers have ground past any obstructions, the sonic system may be run through the central drill way of the augers, effectively using them as casing.

Run independently, or together these two advanced drilling systems allow for a comprehensive range of site investigation techniques to be conducted in hyper-sensitive ground conditions with absolutely minimal risk of exacerbating contamination conditions.

  • Wireline Hollow Stem Augers for geo-environmental sampling where flush is unacceptable and ground conditions require that cased drilling be performed, or where a transition from dry sampling to rotary coring is required, or where the sonic system cannot penetrate.
  • Sonic Drilling Tools: a range of casings and piston samplers allows Ecologia to perform virtually spoil-free, ultra-fast drilling and sampling of sands, gravels, soft clays and heavily weathered rock. Our Aqualock sampler system allows continuous or spot sampling with almost 100% recovery for environmental site investigations, allowing for rapid and accurate contaminant plume delineation, sampling and geological logging from a single borehole.

  • To see the wireline hollow stem augers and Ecologia's sonic systems in action click on the following link.

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