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Ecologia Environmental Solutions Ltd


Ecologia Environmental Solutions is a specialist Contractor in the investigation and remediation of contaminated land and groundwater with an emphasis on assisting property developers, construction companies and housebuilders reclaim brownfield land, assessing and cleaning polluted waters and attending oil and fuel spills. Ecologia Environmental Solutions also offers specialised support to insurance companies dealing with environmental claims. Ecologia Environmental Solutions provides state-of-the-art remediation services. Our dedicated staff of environmental project managers have extensive backgrounds in both assessment and remediation. We provide a single-source for services from initial investigative phases through geotechnical and geoenvironmental site investigation and remediation implementation to final regulatory compliance and sign off. As a client focussed design-build group, we will inform you of the full spectrum of available remediation options, assess and discuss your needs, and then design and implement the most appropriate solution. We use cutting-edge technology and traditional in-situ / ex-situ treatment systems from design through to implementation and completion. Our corrective action plans incorporate the best available remediation methods.


Dr Giacomo Maini
Building 711 & 712
Kent Science Park

Ex-situ Bio-Pile and Sustainability Project - Faversham, Kent.

Ecologia completed the successful remediation of a former cast iron foundry in Faversham, Kent. The 2 hectare site was to be developed for a mixed residential and commercial end use.

Ecologia was appointed to carry out post-demolition remediation operations, including the excavation and treatment of all site-won contaminated and non-contaminated materials, in accordance with site specific remedial targets derived by a Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) for a mixed residential and commercial land use.

At an early stage in the project it became apparent that some of the foundry sand present on site was surplus to the requirements of the development. Therefore, prior to undertaking the works, Ecologia liaised with the Environment Agency to agree the implementation of a Materials Management Plan (MMP) in accordance with the recently introduced CL:AIRE Approved Code of Practice.

The MMP was set up with the former foundry as the 'hub site' and a framework of nearby locations designated as the 'receiver sites'.

The MMP ensured that site won materials were re-used only in areas of the site where it was appropriate to do so (e.g. meeting specifications determined by the QRA). The MMP also provided an audit trail of the movement and quantities of material re-used, both on and off site.

Appropriate segregation of materials on site was achieved by implementing a complex sorting approach which resulted in segregation of material from different sources following selective excavation, concrete crushing, sand screening and selective stockpiling.

On-site treatment of excavated contaminated soils was carried out using ex-situ bio-remediation. The remediation strategy also required a limited pump and treat using an oil water (O/W) separator combined with a granular activated carbon (GAC) filter for treatment of groundwater and run off prior to discharge under license to foul sewer.

A total of 14,090 m3 of site won material was handled and treated on site, with only 120 m3 of site won material being sent for off- site disposal.

Material Type Volume (m3) Reuse Location

Site Won Crushed Concrete

1500 Site levelling Residential Development Faversham Foundry Site
2000 Piling Columns or Site levelling Faversham Foundry Site
200 Temporary access road Whitstable Development
700 Piling Mat or Piling Columns Faversham Foundry Site
Foundry Sand 4000 Site levels and sub base Faversham Foundry Site
4000 Building Development, sub-base Faversham, Kent
Screened Hardcore 900 Piling Mat Faversham Foundry Site
Bio-treated Soils 670 Residential and commercial Site levelling Faversham Foundry Site
General Waste 120 Off site disposal Waste Transfer Plant / Landfill

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