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Ecologia Environmental Solutions Ltd


Ecologia Environmental Solutions is a specialist Contractor in the investigation and remediation of contaminated land and groundwater with an emphasis on assisting property developers, construction companies and housebuilders reclaim brownfield land, assessing and cleaning polluted waters and attending oil and fuel spills. Ecologia Environmental Solutions also offers specialised support to insurance companies dealing with environmental claims. Ecologia Environmental Solutions provides state-of-the-art remediation services. Our dedicated staff of environmental project managers have extensive backgrounds in both assessment and remediation. We provide a single-source for services from initial investigative phases through geotechnical and geoenvironmental site investigation and remediation implementation to final regulatory compliance and sign off. As a client focussed design-build group, we will inform you of the full spectrum of available remediation options, assess and discuss your needs, and then design and implement the most appropriate solution. We use cutting-edge technology and traditional in-situ / ex-situ treatment systems from design through to implementation and completion. Our corrective action plans incorporate the best available remediation methods.


Dr Giacomo Maini
Building 711 & 712
Kent Science Park

Ecologia Wins Brownfield Briefing Awards 2010 for Best Combination of Remediation Techniques

Ecologia is proud to announce that it has won the Brownfield Briefing annual innovation awards for the second year in a row. Ecologia were awarded the prize for the best combination of remediation techniques for its work at a site in North London.

The project tackled contamination in the soils using various techniques including soil vapour extraction enhanced with in-situ radio frequency soil heating (ISRFH) and ex-situ bioremediation. The groundwater was treated by sparging ozone into the saturated zone to provide a chemical oxidative effect and oxygenation of the aquifer to stimulate in-situ bioremediation.

ISRFH won the Brownfield Briefing Innovations Award 2009 as the most innovative remediation technology.

The site was contaminated with a variety of VOC and SVOC compounds, affecting approximately 12,000m3 of soil, including a primary source area of approximately 1,000m3.

Initial assessments, undertaken by the consulting engineer showed that the site was contaminated with low molecular weight hydrocarbons, principally toluene and that SVE would be an appropriate remediation technique.

Ecologia undertook further design work and provided a site wide design to including SVE for over 10,000m3, heating the source area 1,200m3 to enhance the SVE and treating approximately 1,000m3 of soils from small hotspots around the site with an ex-situ biopile. Groundwater remediation was also included in the Ecologia design and a sparging system was used and enhanced with ozone to add a chemical oxidative effect.

The soils in the source area were heated in batches of 300m3 to approximately 50°C in two weeks per batch. The heated soils were then vapour extracted with an SVE system installed to treat the whole of the 10,000m3 A total of four batches were heated in two months allowing the source area to be treated with SVE within three months, the same time required to treat the lower level of contamination at the site.

The SVE system comprised a total of 85 SVE wells to 8m bgl and the sparging system comprised a total of 15 sparging wells to 20m bgl. The off gases from the SVE system and the biopile were treated using activated carbon.

All equipment and plant used for the project was designed and manufactured by Ecologia in the UK and was installed and operated by Ecologia staff under the terms of Ecologia's Environmental Permit.

The drilling works were undertaken by Ecologia's drilling division, with the sparging wells being installed with our sonic drill rig. The internal capabilities at Ecologia meant that none of the works undertaken by Ecologia were sub-contracted, creating surety of contract for the client.

The project has proved to be a success and was completed within budget and programme, within a 100% fixed price contract.

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