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Air Quality Assurance


Breathing air quality testing. AQA will carry out the test for you and provide you with a certificate of testing. In the event that a test is failed we will recommend the necessary corrective measures and arrange to retest once they are in place. We will also schedule future tests to ensure continued compliance with legislation and undertake to advise you of any changes in legislation that may affect your business. Currently this is every three months. Lung function testing. Lung function tests are required on a yearly basis for employees using isocyanate paints in order to prevent the occurrence of occupational asthma. Urine testing. Urine tests are required on a yearly basis for employees using isocyanate paints to confirm the absence of isocyanate derivatives thereby proving that COSHH standards are being adhered to. Isocyanate clearance time testing. Spray booth clearance time should be measured annually and the time recorded and displayed on the entrance to the spray booth. This is required to ensure that painters and other staff do not enter the booth without RPE until it is safe to do so. AQA will perform the test and provide the required certificate for display outside the booth. Mask Face Fit Testing


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Air Quality Assurance Ltd

Air Quality Assurance Ltd offers a full range of environmental monitoring services for emissions to land, water and the atmosphere using MCERTS qualified personnel.

This includes monitoring for dioxin/furans, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), particulates, PCBs, combustion gases and metals. All our analytical equipment is calibrated to UKAS traceable standards.

Air Quality Assurance can provide a wide range of specialist skills to suit the differing needs of our client base and can provide a complete service or one to supplement in-house resources.

As a Company which employs chemical engineers, business professionals and chartered chemists with practical experience in a diverse range of industries, we look at a client's process and management systems (ISO140001) first to maximise the efficiency of the process and minimise waste before advising on the most appropriate waste disposal or abatement technology to be used.

Our industrial experience within production management, as well as expertise in all aspects of environmental legislation, allows Air Quality Assurance a unique understanding of a client's activities as we approach waste minimisation from both production management and environmental perspectives.

This approach not only reduces operational and capital costs but also ensures minimum environmental impact in terms of both energy usage and waste disposal.

For further information please email Air Quality Assurance

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