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Chemineer is dedicated exclusively to mixing technology and the manufacture of quality equipment for fluid agitation applications. Chemineer application engineers and representatives use technologically advanced software to design a customized mixing solution for every process. Chemineer develops mixing solutions that effectively satisfy a wide range of critical applications and provides customers with access to the latest mixing technology and easy-to-use design tools. Founded in 1952 and now a company under National Oilwell Varco, Chemineer is a recognized brand name in water & wastewater treatment, chemical & petrochemical, polymers, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, , FGD/energy, biotechnology, agricultural processing, mineral processing, oil & gas and pulp & paper. Products manufactured and marketed by Chemineer include Chemineer, Turbine Agitators, Prochem, Side-Entry Mixers, Kenics, Static Mixers and Heat Exchangers, and Greerco, High-Shear Mixers. All Chemineer agitation and mixing equipment is backed by extensive applications experience, advanced mechanical design and manufacturing quality. Chemineer has operations in the UK, USA, Mexico, Singapore, and China. For more information, please visit, www.chemineer.com


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Phosphorus removal with Chemineer's non-clogging WVM mixer

Chemineer's Water Vortex Mixer (WVM) provides major benefits for additive injection/chemical dosing applications, including zero maintenance.

Designed for wastewater and potable water applications, the static WVM forces dosing to take place in front of the mixing elements so that chemicals are very rapidly dispersed by the vortices created by the mixer's elements. This leads to a massive acceleration whereby phosphate ions and metal ions can't escape making contact and thus cause the much-desired precipitation.

Chemineer's WVM provides very low pressure drops, and can be applied to any turbulent flow mixing problem, regardless of line-size or shape. Rapid uniformity of component parts is caused by vigorous cross-stream mixing as the vortices interact. By calculating the precise inlet stream conditions, any desired level of uniformity can be achieved.

The smooth, streamlined shape of the WVM, which is designed for use without sparge pipe type injection lances that are prone to blocking, means that there are no surfaces on which particles can 'hang-up'. The underside of the tabs is continuously swept clear of debris by the same vortex action that produces the mixing effect.

The most suitable location for mixers is in tertiary treatment, where aluminium or iron salts are added to form insoluble phosphates, which can then be removed via precipitation. Mixing can be achieved using a WVM Mixer in just a few seconds, thus minimising coagulant hydrolysis.

The WVM is available in a range of DWI regulation 25 approved epoxy and Rilsan (nylon) coatings, as well as 316L stainless steel.

For more information, please call Chemineer on 01332 363175.

For further information please email Chemineer Ltd

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