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NEMEX (part of Sustainability Live)


NEMEX energy Live,the No.1 event for energy in all its forms is part of Sustainability Live and takes place at the NEC, Birmingham. NEMEX will deliver a one-stop shop for all aspects of energy management and efficiency and renewable solutions by bringing together key suppliers and buyers at the UK's largest national forum for environmental and energy professionals. The exhibition and extensive seminar programme are free to attend. Dates for 2014 to be announced soon


Faversham House Group
Windsor Court, Wood Street
East Grinstead
West Sussex
RH19 1UZ

FLU-ACE Direct Contact Condensing Heat Recovery System

FLU-ACE is a direct contact condensing heat recovery system that recycles up to 90% of the heat normally lost through boiler flue gas stack emissions.

For every £1,000 in fuel purchases for your boilers, £200 or more will be wasted up their exhaust stacks. In most cases, FLU-ACE can recover up to $150 (or 75%) of that wasted energy and recycle it back into your processes or heating systems.

•Reduce energy consumption on boilers by 15% to 35%;
•Enjoy full payback in one to three years... and continued savings throughout the unit's 20 year+ operational life;
•Reduce greenhouse gases and other emissions commensurate to fossil fuel reductions;
•Achieve typical water temperatures of up to 63°C (condensing alone) or up to 82°C with additional fin tube economiser;
•Recover 200% to 300% more heat than conventional recuperator and economizer systems ... heat readily usable for process water and air heating;
•Recover and condense between 70% and 90% of the water vapor normally vented in the exhaust gas... providing water for recycling to process;
•Achieve both efficient heat recovery and effective pollution control with one cost-effective FLU-ACE unit.

FLU-ACE Boiler Exhaust Waste Heat Recovery at Major UK Food Manufacturer
•Projected payback in 1.8 years
•Heating of buildings from 100% recovered heat
•Estimated annual savings of £110,000
•Approximately 7.5 million kWh of gas savings per year
•Greenhouse gas reduction of over 1750 tonnes/year

Thermal Energy International (TEI) implemented a FLU-ACE Condensing Heat Recovery System on the facility's two boilers to reduce gas consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The company's Green Matters team successfully applied for money to install the FLU-ACE system as part of a major energy reduction project in order to reduce their escalating gas bill. The Site Environmental Co-ordinator explained: "Thermal Energy International is so confident that the upgrade will save us money that they have guaranteed us payback of our investment in 1.8 years, or they will pay us back the difference!"

Prior to the installation of FLU-ACE, the site was using 70% of its total gas consumption for steam production as well as to heat the factory and office space. The waste heat recovery system now makes use of the otherwise wasted heat for office heating. The Site Services Manager who managed the installation explained: "Our engineers are now going to be kept warm this winter from 100% recovered waste heat".

The benefits of the FLU-ACE system are immediately observed as explained by the Site Environmental Co-ordinator: "In the first week of it running, the Flu-Ace recovered 39,000kW/h worth about £800. And that is in the middle of summer when we are not using the heating. It could be more than triple that amount in the middle of winter!" It is estimated that Flu-Ace will save the facility £110,000 per year, which is approximately 7.5 million kWh of annual gas savings. The site will now be releasing 1750 tonnes of carbon dioxide less per year, a significant step towards greener plant operations.

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