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Polypipe Civils


Polypipe Civils is the U.K.'s leading manufacturer and supplier of cable protection, drainage, sewerage and water management systems, serving the utilities, civil engineering and sports & leisure markets


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Polypipe Civils' Receives BBA Approval For Polystorm

Polypipe Civils, the UK's leading manufacturer of ducting, drainage, sewerage and environmental systems has recently received BBA (British Board of Agrement) approval and certification for its Polystorm modular cell.

The Polystorm unit is designed for trafficked applications and is capable of withstanding a 40 tonne vertical load. It can be utilised for attenuation or as a soakaway and is an integral part of the stormwater management total package solution from Polypipe Civils.

Polystorm has a 95% void ratio and the modular units allow for flexibility of shape to accommodate almost any site constraint. The product is also lightweight, therefore providing excellent health and safety benefits on site.

Working in partnership with the BBA, Polypipe Civils had to go through three distinct assessment procedures for Polystorm including laboratory testing, site inspections (undertaken by the BBA's own Inspection Services team) and factory production control.

Laboratory testing included testing the Polystorm unit under compression to ensure that it can withstand the indicated 40 tonne load. The product was also tested vertically as it can be installed for side loading underground. A series of routine material tests were also carried out to confirm the lifetime and durability of the polypropylene. The BBA states that the lifetime of the product has to be a minimum of fifty years which Polystorm more than meets.

A site inspection was then carried out by the BBA to assess the installation of Polystorm and the ease of handling on site. The unit was also analysed to see how it performs on site and to check that it can meet the requirements of its specification.

Once the testing and site inspection were successful, factory production control was then assessed. The BBA tested Polypie Civils' procedures to examine the manufacturing capabilities and quality control of the product.

Oliver Monk, Divisional Head of Quality and Standards for Polypipe Civils comments: "We went through a rigorous testing procedure with the BBA to ensure our Polystorm product met their criteria. With ongoing product development at Polypipe Civils, we have to ensure that we work closely with the BBA to provide the relevant approvals and certification.

"Polystorm has now been approved by the BBA and we are beginning a performance process and testing for our Polystorm Lite product which has been specifically developed for non-trafficked, landscaped applications."

Rachel Roberts, Marketing Manager for Polypipe Civils comments: "We are delighted to have received BBA approval for Polystorm and look forward to the testing, site inspection and production control assessment for our new Polystorm Lite product."

The British Board of Agrement is an organisation partnered with the Government and the Governing Board includes representation on behalf of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. The BBA's Agrement Certificates have been providing authoritative and independent information on the performance of building products for over 35 years. Every Agrement Certificate contains important data on durability, installation and compliance with Building Regulations in the UK.

For further information go to www.polypipecivils.co.uk or contact 01509 615100.

For further information please email Polypipe Civils Ltd

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