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Broquet International Ltd


Broquet are the manufacture of fuel treatment products for reducing carbon footprint by reducing fuel consumption and exhaust emissions for all petrol,diesel, LPG engines, and oil-fired boilers and burners. Applications include motor mowers, motorcycles, cars, vans, trucks, buses, boats, tractors, compressors, construction plant,generators and boilers. Fuel saving is in the range 7%-12%, and HC and CO emissions are reduced typically by 20%. Degradation of stored fuel is also significantly reduced. One treatment of Broquet will last for 250,000 miles and therefore is generally a once-only fitment and is maintenance-free, with a payback time of approximately 4 months.


Mr Malcolm Clements
7 Regent Place

CV21 2PJ

Rally success for Motor Image - stockists of Broquet

Motor Image is the sole distributor for Subaru in Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Southern China, Thailand and Taiwan and offers Broquet to all its customers.

Increased performance is of course one of the benefits of fitting the Broquet fuel treatment product. However, we all don't want to travel at rally speeds. Therefore for everyday driving, the fuel saving and emission-reducing benefits of Broquet makes more sense, especially with fuel now over £1/litre (£4.50/gallon).

Broquet is a small device which is easily fitted into the fuel tank or fuel line of any petrol or diesel vehicle. Once fitted, it treats the fuel for over 250,000 miles giving improved combustion. This results in not only reduced fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, but also virtual elimination of carbon build-up in the engine. This will keep combustion zones and components (rings, plugs and injectors) clean, and reduce maintenance costs.

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