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Idom Merebrook Ltd


Idom Merebrook has built up its considerable reputation for cutting edge environmental strategies over the past decade. We now employ a staff of over 90 Scientists, Engineers, Consultants and Technical Administrators who are dedicated to providing our customers with the best information and solutions available. The services listed below are a few of the areas in which we excel but are by no means exhaustive please click the link above to visit our website for further information. Our key services include: Contamination Risk assessment; Hazardous gas investigation; Site investigation, Site remediation design; Project management and budget control; Noise and vibration monitoring; Air quality studies; Environmental impact assessment; Waste management, Licensing and exemption application; Landfill tax exemption; Planning supervision and other CDM services; Health & Safety consultancy; Occupational hygiene; Organisational safety management; Asbestos surveys and training; Hazardous materials surveying; Road and drainage design; Earthworks design; Civil engineering project management; Flood risk assessment; Structural design (Bridges, Buildings and other Civil structures).


Mr Simon Edwards
East Mill Bridgefoot

DE56 2UA

Unlocking The Potential Of Ex MOD Sites

Environmental due diligence to provide an understanding of a land purchase is a critical requirement. Unforeseen costs such as remediation, or abnormal foundations can significantly undermine the financial viability of any project.

This is particularly true of former MOD sites as prior to purchase there is often only limited information available in relation to past uses.

However, depending upon these uses there is the potential for a variety of contaminants; as well as typical contaminants such as petroleum hydrocarbons associated with underground tanks or poly aromatic hydrocarbons associated with the sub-base of roads and parade squares, contaminants can range from munitions to radioactive materials and chemical agents.

Radioactive materials found at one MOD site related to fluorescent gun sights and dials. Whilst the environmental and health risks from this material was relatively low, careful negotiation was required with the local authority Environmental Health Officer at the development stage. Without this understanding, there would have been significant time delays to the project.

Merebrook Consulting has significant experience in looking at former MOD sites and our team of experts has dealt with chemical warfare agents (including mustard gas), tear gases, radiological contamination and unexploded ordnance. In applying a pragmatic practical approach we have facilitated cost effective remediation and development.

At the due diligence stage our advice has enabled a clear understanding of all of the potential issues and helped to inform the bid price across a number of sites.

Our track record of successfully unlocking the potential of ex MOD sites includes Colchester Garrison, OSD Thatcham, RAF Coningsby, RAF Rissington, RAF Watton, RNTD Hilsea and Harwell.

Having offices strategically located throughout the UK in London, Kent, Cardiff, Derby and Manchester we would be pleased to visit you to discuss your project-specific requirements.

In the first instance please call Rob Glavin on 01689 889980 or email him at rglavin@merebrook.co.uk.

For further information please email Merebrook Consulting Ltd

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