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EEC Europe offer a Unique range of High Speed Biotech Compact Package Plants based on MBBR & MBBR-MBR process technologies for Wastewater Treatment and RO Plants Manufacture, Supply, Recognised leaders in water/Wastewater Treatment Plant suppliers throughout Europe. Recently won Innovation Award with DTI in the UK. See Website for more details EEC Clients include General Electric,Parker Drilling, Fiat, Hilton Hotels, US Embassy's,KBR,US Military,US Corps Of Engineers,US Airforce,Presidential Palaces and NATO . Production facilities, EEC EUROPE Serbia, EEC India, EEC USA, EEC Brazi.


Mr Dennis Hunter
St Johns Innovation Centre Cowley Road


New Hybrid Bio-Plant

Combines 'IFAS' & 'Ultra-Filtration Membrane' Technologies

EEC EUROPE - Devise Engineering are to launch this new Hybrid Bio Plant to meet the demands of the Mediterranean, Middle East and Africa regions where there is an increasing need for safe reuse of treated wastewater.

Dennis Hunter Managing Director EEC EUROPE LTD said "We plan to find dynamic companies around the world, especially in the Mediterranean, Middle East and African regions, with which we can collaborate to bring this new Hybrid Bio Plant into the water markets and help to conserve water resources and protect the environment". Dennis added, "This smart hybrid package bio-plant will revolutionize the way sewage is treated and re-used around the world and is very good news for many small communities and private facilities".

Brief Description

This new wastewater treatment plant manufactured in a Compact Packaged form utilizes a unique hybrid technique where it combines the very efficient "IFAS" (Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge) biological treatment with Submerged Ultra-Filtration Membranes (sMBR)

This plant is suitable for both municipal and industrial wastewater and it produces reliably high quality effluent, suitable for many re-use applications. The combination of these modern but well-proven technologies ensures higher efficiency and trouble-free operation compared with the standard MBR plants. On top of these important advantages the New Hybrid Bio-Plants from DEVISE Engineering offer even higher BOD removal efficiency per cubic meter of bioreactor (KgBOD/m3react), which means an even smaller size plant compared to conventional MBR plants.

The world's population is growing fast and the increased demand on water resources has resulted in an emphasis on water conservation. By re-using the water effluent from sewage treatment plants for irrigation or other similar municipal or industrial uses we can conserve huge amounts of fresh water which would alternatively be used if "highly treated wastewater" was not available.

Furthermore, the effort to conserve potable water consumption by many domestic and industrial users can sometimes increase concentrations of pollutants in the wastewater and with chemicals introduced into the waste stream from agriculture, industrial and pharmaceutical industries resulting to a very challenging treatment of these wastewaters. The above reasons were the driving force for Devise Engineering to develop this new robust, high-performance Hybrid Plant, suitable for many applications.

For more information please contact Dennis Hunter Chartered Environmentalist, Managing Director EEC EUROPE LTD

Email: wateroptions@btinternet.com

For further information please email EEC EUROPE LTD

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