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EEC Europe offer a Unique range of High Speed Biotech Compact Package Plants based on MBBR & MBBR-MBR process technologies for Wastewater Treatment and RO Plants Manufacture, Supply, Recognised leaders in water/Wastewater Treatment Plant suppliers throughout Europe. Recently won Innovation Award with DTI in the UK. See Website for more details EEC Clients include General Electric,Parker Drilling, Fiat, Hilton Hotels, US Embassy's,KBR,US Military,US Corps Of Engineers,US Airforce,Presidential Palaces and NATO . Production facilities, EEC EUROPE Serbia, EEC India, EEC USA, EEC Brazi.


Mr Dennis Hunter
St Johns Innovation Centre Cowley Road


EEC (European Division) - How To Save Substantial Wastewater Treatment Costs

Meeting our client's Water & Wastewater Treatment Needs - consistently, whilst creating a better Water Environment, is our main corporate vision.

We are committed to our vision. It applies to all EEC operations, at all times, in all locations, and at all levels of responsibility.

We actively work to meet client's expectations through a dedication of continuous improvement. We have built our business by working closely with our customers through long-term relationships, delivering innovative solutions for Municipal / Domestic STP's  / Industrial WWTP's.

EEC wants to help your business save substantial wastewater treatment costs. EEC specializes in
IFAS / MBBR process systems, MBBR / MBR processes, the world famous 'High-Speed Bio Tech' with its unique range of containerized plants treating from 400 m3/d in a single plant to 2,500 m3/d plants where modular units operate in parallel. We have some 5,000 systems operating successfully around the world today including domestic, municipal and industrial applications.

EEC (European Division) work with customers to identify optimal solutions for a wide range of applications in wastewater treatment for reuse or safe discharge to the environment. EEC's expertise spans the full range of physical, chemical, and biological processes used in wastewater treatment options. EEC services include option identification and evaluation, project planning, concept and detailed design with full technical back-up services to meet all your project needs.EEC will provide you with the optimum solution to your specific wastewater treatment application.
You can visit www.eec-europe.co.uk we have many pictures and interesting information for you.

All you need to do for a free Quote, is send your detailed parameters for influent / effluent to wateroptions@btinternet.com requesting your Technical & Financial Proposal. Or you can visit www.eec-europe.co.uk/wwtp_form.htm  and complete your project parameters details online.

For an installation all you need to supply is a level concrete base, electricity supply and a Buffer tank, then your ready to plug in and go, no civil works costs, you will have a small footprint, low operating costs, and low maintenance costs with our solution, so why pay more for civil engineering works, when you do not need them?

EEC Global Operation LLC is a multinational company who, manufacturer compact waste water treatment plants. EEC have several designs that will meet any effluent requirements. MBBR, MBR, VPMF our unique self cleaning membrane systems, no chemical requirements.

EEC MBBR - bio-reactor's are containerized, simple to operate, reliable, provide consistent quality effluent, fully automatic, no chemical or filters to replace, requires very little attention once in operation, easy to re-locate and to upgrade, so you can easily increase the capacity.
You can visit http://www.eec-europe.co.uk/ammonia_rem.htm for more information.

Some of our client's include General Electric, Parker Drilling, Fiat, Hilton Hotels, Sony, Toyota, BOSH, Coca Cola, DuPont, KBR, US Corps of Engineers, US Air Force, Aramco, Statoil, NATO and you can visit http://www.eec-europe.co.uk/reflist1.htm to see more of our worldwide client's.

EEC design wastewater treatment systems with the following important points in mind:-

·How can EEC save money for our customers and secure absolutely the best and trouble free plant operation that meets ALL our customers requirements.

·Water is something EEC takes very seriously quality is not an option, it is what drives EEC forward. So we scrutinise your data as provided very carefully. Before we recommend.

·Nobody has time to baby sit a wastewater treatment plant, so EEC does this for you and EEC call it, "Smart Designing", with state of the art technologies incorporated as required.

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