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EEC Europe offer a Unique range of High Speed Biotech Compact Package Plants based on MBBR & MBBR-MBR process technologies for Wastewater Treatment and RO Plants Manufacture, Supply, Recognised leaders in water/Wastewater Treatment Plant suppliers throughout Europe. Recently won Innovation Award with DTI in the UK. See Website for more details EEC Clients include General Electric,Parker Drilling, Fiat, Hilton Hotels, US Embassy's,KBR,US Military,US Corps Of Engineers,US Airforce,Presidential Palaces and NATO . Production facilities, EEC EUROPE Serbia, EEC India, EEC USA, EEC Brazi.


Mr Dennis Hunter
St Johns Innovation Centre Cowley Road


EEC EUROPE LTD Launches New Complete Sewage Pre-Treatment Head Works Plant

These unique packaged plants offer complete preliminary treatment to raw sewage OR sewage from septic tanks, and can be operated effectively with EEC containerised Biological Treatment Plants.

The plant is fully automatic and incorporates their control for complete independence from other works. They combine the following operations:
· Fine Screening
· Screening Washing & Compaction
· Aerated Grit Separation
· Grit Removal - Washing & Dewatering

These Devise engineering package plants Top 2 and Top 3 are the ideal solutions for the Head Works of any Sewage Treatment Installation, since the largest single Top plant can treat up to 120 l/s of raw sewage while the smallest unit is capable of treating 15 l/s.

The raw sewage enters the plant at the end, through a gravity feed connection or through a special coupled connection with an automatic valve for use with the discharge pipe of a 'Tanker Truck' (for septic sewage) the raw sewage is then fine screened (1 to 10 mm) by a screw screen and then is further washed (optional), dewatered and compacted by the screw compactor incorporated in line of the screen. The screenings are then discharged into a standard disposal bin or can be bagged if required. The screened sewage passes through the aerated channel, which is designed to trap 90% of all grit and inert material of 200 microns size. The trapped grit is removed from the tank via two shaftless screw conveyors, a horizontal, and an inclined one.

The grit before it is finally discharged through the inclined screw conveyor is dewatered and can be washed as an option for the removal of organic matter . With the option of washing systems (screening and grit) the odour of the wasted material is eliminated significantly. The rotational movement generated by the diffused air in the chamber assists the oil & grease to float at the surface and one side of the tank. The floating fat is then skimmed off the surface through a paddle scraper. The fat is finally discharged via a hopper either in a suitable container or be fed into a pump for further transfer.

Enquiries: Email wateroptions@btinternet.com

Technical Details Top 3 - 15 Top 3 - 30 Top 3 - 60 Top 3 - 100 Top 3 - 200
CAPACITY ( l/s ) 15 30 60 100 200
LENGTH OF TANK - L (mm) 3,000 6,000 6,000 12,000 10,500

LENGTH- L1 (mm)
2,750 3,185 4,320 4,320 3,915

LENGTH - L2 (mm)
3,950 5,915 7,180 7,180 6.45
OVERALL HEIGHT (mm) 3,250 3,430 4,610 4,610 4,665
HEIGHT - H1 (mm) 1,400 1,600 2,040 2,040 2,045
HEIGHT - H2 (mm) 2,310 2,540 2,960 2,960 3,250
WIDTH - W (mm) 1,250 1,250 1,670 1,670 2,230
INSTALLED POWER (Kw) 1.3 1.3 1.42 1.84 2.4

· Complete Pre-Treatment Of Raw Sewage
· Eliminates Civil Works
· Quick & Easy Installation
· Odourless Operation (fully covered)
· Small Foot Plan
· Stainless Steel Construction (SS-304, SS-316)


For further information please email EEC EUROPE LTD

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