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EEC Europe offer a Unique range of High Speed Biotech Compact Package Plants based on MBBR & MBBR-MBR process technologies for Wastewater Treatment and RO Plants Manufacture, Supply, Recognised leaders in water/Wastewater Treatment Plant suppliers throughout Europe. Recently won Innovation Award with DTI in the UK. See Website for more details EEC Clients include General Electric,Parker Drilling, Fiat, Hilton Hotels, US Embassy's,KBR,US Military,US Corps Of Engineers,US Airforce,Presidential Palaces and NATO . Production facilities, EEC EUROPE Serbia, EEC India, EEC USA, EEC Brazi.


Mr Dennis Hunter
St Johns Innovation Centre Cowley Road


EEC EUROPE LTD - a major force in the wastewater treatment market

EEC Europe Ltd based in the UK at St Johns Innovation Centre,Cowley Road Cambridge is becoming recognised as one of the leading suppliers of compact wastewater treatment solutions. Dennis Hunter Chartered Environmentalist for EEC Europe said, " Our new partnership with Devise engineering based in Athens Greece has now opened the doors to the European markets "

The 15CON-3 plant pictured (1) was recently manufactured under license to EEC EUROPE LTD by Devise engineering Athens Greece and delivered to a local Canning Factory in Stara Zagora Bulgaria to treat some 115 m3/d industrial wastewater.
This EEC High-Speed Bio Tech System has a very small footprint of 15 feet in length, 8 feet wide, and 8 feet in height. The system is automatic with one central control box for easy operation.

Delivering WWTP Solutions

When it comes to delivering throughout Europe, this smart EEC plant design, makes it very easy, the plant is simply loaded by crane at the factory, and once secured, transported to the end-users site ready for installation and commissioning. (See image 2)

All the customer has to provide is a level concrete base and three-phase electricity supply.

EEC Research & Development in Greece

Devise engineering / EEC Europe are currently running a special trial on the Island of Crete where a 19CON-5 model is undergoing extensive trials relating to full nitrification de-nitrification of municipal sewage. Also an innovative sludge dewatering packaged plant is being tried which is going to revolutionise "on site" bio-sludge management allowing the complete waste treatment by package plants at a quality and extent found only in large wastewater treatment works. The operational data from this trial plant is monitored on a daily basis and the results are analysed so to produce useful conclusions that will enhance the expertise and know-how of our Group. It is intended that the results will be published towards the end of 2007.

Devise engineering / EEC Europe, is dedicated to continuous technical advancement and the development of innovative products the Group is planning to set up a trial plant combining MBBR and UF Membranes technology. This plant will produce a superb effluent quality suitable for any re-use application all packaged in a compact containerised unit.

Packaged Plants Designed To Meet Your Specific Needs

Devise engineering, with many years experience in the design of large plants for communities, including towns and cities, together with special plants for industrial wastewaters, have introduced the packaged plant as an option for many organisations who cannot afford a full biological treatment plant. Maximising the benefits of small footprint, compact systems pre-fabricated and using the services of a local company to complete the necessary small civil works, results in a solution that most companies can afford.

Devise engineering / EEC Europe Ltd offer packaged plants designed to meet your specific needs. Contact EEC Europe Ltd by email to wateroptions@btinternet.com requesting a Quick Budget Quote for your particular application. After the Quick Budget Quote, if you are happy with the associated costs, Devise engineering / EEC Europe will then provide a full detailed Proposal with technical details and drawings for you to consider.

Picture 3 shows that research and development work building bespoke systems has been carried out. This is a 40MAXI-3 being manufactured in stainless steel for a fruit-juice manufacturer in Bucharest Romania This small footprint 40 feet in length, 8 feet wide and 8 feet height will treat some 400 m3/day industrial wastewater.

A High-Speed Bio Tech System is shown in picture 4, with pre-treatment, biological treatment and Tertiary treatment, combined to provide an ideal packaged plant with a big performance and a small footprint.

As reference to cooperation for FP 7 international research program on the theme : "Advanced Waste Water treatment inside bioreactor systems using mobile submersed carrier elements with attached bio-film". EEC Europe Ltd concluded another Research & Development Project at Targoviste Municipality Water Company Headquarters in Bucharest Romania between the following parties:

  1. Water Company Targoviste represented by Mr. Conf. Dr. ing. Dorin Staicu - General Manager
  2. INCDT COMOTI represented by Mr. Dr. ing. Valentin Silivestru - General Manager
  3. University "POLITEHNICA" - Bucharest CCEPM represented by Prof. Dr. Ing. Dan Robescu
  4. EEC Europe Ltd. - Great Britain - Represented by Mr. Dennis Hunter - Chartered Environmentalist - Managing Director.
  5. BERSON Milieutechniek B.V. - Holland represented by Mr. ing. Gabriel Petrescu empowered
  6. DFR SYSTEMS - Bucharest - represented by Mr. Drd. Ing Bogdan Nasarimba- Grecescu
All parties agreed to cooperate for theoretical research in the field of organic matter degradation by biological film attached to mobile carrier elements, also in conceiving , designing , and realization of a 1:1 scale bio-reactor for demonstration, and effective tests in "in situ" condition of exploitation. A disinfection unit shall be installed, at the end of modern biological stage in order to achieve efficient sterilization for the destruction of all germs and bacteria. The final goal of this theoretical and applicative research is to establish all factors and methods that shall make possible afterwards to generalize the unique Advanced Waste Water Treatment process to other WWTP in Romania. For this reason an aeration basin from WWTP Targoviste shall be equipped - as a demonstrative bioreactor - with the new AMB technology that includes mobile carrier elements for bio-film support.

Fro for information,visit www.eeceurope.biz or www.eeceurope.co.uk

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