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Analytical Technology


ATi designs and manufactures electrochemical sensors and instrumentation for toxic gas and water quality monitoring.Analytical Technology is a the UK branch of Analytical Technology Inc of Philadelphia. Water quality monitors include dissolved oxygen, free residual chlorine, total residual chlorine, pH/ORP, dissolved ozone, chlorine dioxide, fluoride, conductivity, residual sulphite, dissolved sulphide, turbidity, particle counters and ammonia. Gas detectors include oxygen, ozone, chlorine, sulphur dioxide, hydrogen sulphide and ammonia. The monitors are available with ATi's unique AutoTest feature. All gases are also available as portable instruments


Dr Michael Strahand
Technology House (unit 1&2)
Gatehead Business Park
Delph New Road

Latest news with the chlorine monitor?

The market leading Q45H62 was introduced to the UK in 2005. Since that time over 2000 monitors have been installed and are delivering the performance and cost saving our customers demanded.

We have not stood still and the range has expanded and been developed.

See full article for a discussion of the capabilities of the current range.

The key advantage of the Q45H62 remains that it utilises an innovative enhanced pH response membrane-covered polarographic sensor that does not require the addition of chemical reagents. The ATi sensor has a response around 10 times higher than that of conventional sensors at high pH values (pH >8.3). This means that the monitor can be used at reagent free over all the pH values found in the UK water drinking industry.

Over 90% of the monitors supplied are running reagent free.

There are situations where for reasons of higher risk or process conditions that pH correction may not be the most appropriate. ATi have developed a liquid buffer system for these applications that uses only 1/12th of the buffer of conventional systems. For clients with extreme environmental restraints ATi also has available carbon dioxide buffered systems complete with auto change over valves for continuous operation.

Some applications are in areas with no available mains power. ATi now has battery powered and solar powered solutions.

Some customers wanted truly portable monitors, the Q45H62 is available in a carry case with all the water connection already made.

Some companies need to measure chloramines. The same reagent free operation is available for direct measurement of monochloramine.

In brief, ATi have not stood still. The basic Q45H62 is now integrated into a range that covers every single water industry chlorine monitoring application.

For more details and to obtain a flow chart to assist with monitor selection

Send an e-mail to:

vicky.wilshaw@atiuk.com requesting 'Chlorine Monitor Selection Flow Chart'.

For further information please email Analytical Technology

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