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Instrumentation for sustainable water management

To protect the environment from the harmful consequences of municipal sewage, the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive was adopted by the EU in 1991. It defines the requirements on the building and equipping of sewage disposal plants. Since 2007, another official ordinance requires sewage plants in France to monitor floodwater flow, water levels, overflow as well as possible foreign influx.


The French municipal association SIVOM has been implementing the official ordinance in its sewer networks since 2007. Continuous monitoring and maintenance of the sewer network in the district of Mühlhausen is the responsibility of the water provider Lyonnaise des Eaux in the Alsatian city of Illzach.

The flow of high water is continuously monitored according to the measuring principle used for open channels. In the past, the level measurement required for this was often carried out with ultrasonic sensors that didn’t always provide satisfying measuring results. Process influences in the sewer network, such as temperature fluctuations or gas blanketing, occasionally led to measurement errors.

To optimize measuring accuracy, the ultrasonic sensors at Lyonnaise des Eaux were replaced with VEGAPULS WL 61 (IP 68) radar sensors. Due to the physical properties of microwave pulses, these non-contact level sensors operate completely independent of temperature fluctuations, gas stratifications or weather effects and deliver reliable measurement data.

“Since the costs of radar sensors and ultrasonic sensors are roughly the same, we didn’t hesitate to implement the superior technology here”, explains Ms Aude Napoly, the person responsible for monitoring the sewer network at Lyonnaise des Eaux in Illzach.


With regard to its field of application, VEGAPULS WL 61 offers many advantages; for example, its rotating mounting system allows a perfectly vertical orientation to the surface of the water. Unlike ultrasonic sensors, radar sensors do not have a blocking range, or so-called dead band. “With radar sensors you gain 30 cm in the upper measuring range”, adds Ms Napoly. To further increase this value, a 45° angle deflection system for redirecting the radar signal can be applied. The sensor is then mounted parallel to the direction of flow.

In Illzach all ultrasonic sensors are gradually being replaced by radar sensors. For Lyonnaise des Eaux this is an important step in improving the accuracy of effluent measurement in the sewer network.

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