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KEE Group consists of two operating companies, KEE Process Limited and KEE Services Limited. Both these companies have over 50 years experience in the development, design, manufacture, servicing, maintenance and operation of wastewater treatment plants and systems. KEE seek to identify and satisfy the needs of their customers by providing quality engineered solutions priced to offer value for money. Continuing investment in research and development ensures that the products and services supplied by KEE incorporate the latest technology to protect the environment. KEE operates and has formal registration under an Integrated Management System from the British Standards Institution (BSI). KEE has successfully integrated (QMS), (OHS), (EMS) standards in accordance with the PAS99 requirements


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Physical - Biological Tertiary Filter from KEE Process Limited

KEE Process Ltd is proud to introduce its new innovative and truly versatile physical-biological tertiary modular treatment unit.

This modular tertiary filter unit, when attached to an existing wastewater treatment system, provides a simple, compact and robust solution to improve and polish the final effluent quality from an existing wastewater treatment plant. This tertiary filter can also be incorporated at the end of a new treatment plant to achieve tighter consents and also to enable re-use of the treated wastewater.

· Consistent and reliable process performance.
· Modular unit for easy addition to an existing wastewater treatment
· Single-piece unit, totally factory built with small footprint.
· Low maintenance and operation costs.
· Low energy consumption and carbon footprint.
· Option of UV disinfection system.

The KEE Modular Tertiary Filter is housed in prefabricated lightweight, corrosion-resistant and tough glassfibre reinforced polyester (GRP) tank.

The KEE Tertiary Filter is simple to install, with minimal site work and has an extremely low power demand and maintenance costs, together with its longevity, ensuring an economical lifetime cost.

Tertiary Filter Operation

This physical-biological filter includes media with extremely large surface area to volume ratio. It is arranged in the unit to work as alternating aerobic and anoxic zones for the most effective breakdown of the residual organic constituents (hard COD) of the treated wastewater from the first and second stage RBC process. The tertiary filter stage is fitted with natural wind turbine or electric fan assisted aeration zones for creating the alternating aerobic-anoxic stages in the filter. The tertiary stage media structure is such that the effluent undergoes breakdown of the remaining soluble organic material and the fine solids contained in the wastewater. The fine organic solids are captured and retained in the media and are digested and broken down into their elements. The filter therefore is self-cleansing.

KEE-R Range of Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plants with integral physical biological Tertiary Filter

KEE has integrated its new innovative tertiary filter into its proven KEE NuDisc® Packaged Plants, introduced over 45 years ago and has created a new range of NuDisc-R® packaged treatment plant aimed at nutrient removal and production of high-quality effluent suitable for re-use or discharged to sensitive receiving waters with approval from Environmental Agencies.

NuDisc-R® incorporates the well-proven principle of attached growth Rotating Biological Contactors (RBC), supporting an active biomass film for the biological treatment of wastewater. The RBC stage is divided into two specific zones, the first acting as an anoxic reactor and the second as an aerobic reactor and incorporates the KEE Managed Flow technology as standard. The whole system, including the primary settlement tank, RBC, final settlement tank, tertiary filter and the optional UV disinfection are all housed in a single GRP tank and arranged in such a way that flow attenuation becomes an integral part of every plant.

The KEE NuDisc-R® range of plants are factory built and offers a simple to install solution with "plug and play" features to reduce on-site installation costs. NuDisc-R® structural components have a 30-year design life and mechanical/electrical components are selected for 100,000 hour L10 life. Simplicity of plant operation/maintenance combined with low energy and labour costs, built-in long design life make NuDisc-R the most economical plant with respect to lifetime costs and carbon footprint amongst plants designed to produce high-quality effluent with nutrient removal.

Effluent Disinfection
The treated effluent from the wastewater plant can be disinfected using packaged UV light disinfection system before discharge. The disinfected effluent can be either discharged to a watercourse or recycled for irrigation or other applications such as toilet flushing or non-portable use.

For more information please phone 01296 634500.
Or visit http://www.tertiary-filters.co.uk

For further information please email KEE Process Limited

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