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Yara Industrial


We specialise in odour control, septicity control and the prevention of corrosion in industrial and municipal wastewater.


Mrs Katie Oldfield
Harvest House, Unit 5 Origin Way,
South Humberside
DN37 9TZ

Are you storing up problems in your waste water?

Geoff McCaughtrie, Technical Manager for Yara Industrial, uncovers the hidden dangers linked to effluent odour.

Lack of oxygen spells trouble
A "rotten egg" or "rotting cabbage" smell is the result of the absence of air and oxygen in wastewater processes. The absence of air and oxygen, known as anaerobic conditions, cause bacterial production of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and mercaptans, both of which are toxic and bad smelling gases. These unpleasant conditions spread and can be a source of complaints. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Poisonous and corrosive
Given its toxicity, H2S causes eye, nose and throat irritation. It puts employees at serious risk in case of high dose exposure in a confined space. Sludge may also contain pockets of concentrated H2S that can be suddenly released by maintenance works. Several cases of death due to such H2S exposure are reported every year. What is more, H2S can also be transformed into sulphuric acid, a cause of corrosion in the sewage network. This corrosion in turn threatens the lifespan of your infrastructure. Mercaptans are less poisonous than H2S, but employees may develop headaches and become nauseous in case of prolonged exposure.

Tackle the problem at its roots
To prevent these foul smelling and toxic substances from forming, Yara has developed Nutriox, a comprehensive solution that provides a healthy and safe environment for the personnel, and prevents bad odour from spreading. Nutriox comprises a special blend of environmentally friendly nitrates and of additional products blends, combined with an "intelligent" dosing and monitoring system.

Nutriox offers a technology to safely and effectively prevent and eliminate the formation of toxic H2S and mercaptans. At the same time, Nutriox avoids overdosing by dynamically adjusting the quantities needed. Yara's dedicated team of locally based Nutriox experts are on call when you need them. They will be your partners in the development of tailor made solutions that make you smell the difference.

If you would like more information or would like one of our Technical Team to visit your site, please contact Yara Industrial

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