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Saint-Gobain PAM is the primary supplier of ductile iron and cast iron solutions to the UK's key utilities, civil engineering and construction sectors. Saint-Gobain PAM's vision is to be our customer's' first choice. Through technical expertise, we provide product and service solutions that deliver added value above and beyond simply selling a product. By working together from design through to commissioning, Saint-Gobain PAM can mitigate risks and improve efficiencies in the supply chain. We are committed to understanding customer needs and strive to build collaborative relationships to help develop our customers' businesses in a demanding and continually evolving market place.


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Steps Towards Sustainability - Saint-Gobain PAM UK Publishes Its Second Report

With the publication of its second Sustainability Report, iron technology leader Saint-Gobain PAM UK has highlighted both the progress made as a business towards its targets for sustainable development and the role it can play in helping its customers achieve their own sustainability goals.

Saint-Gobain PAM UK Managing Director Paul Minchin says: "Our report takes a global view of the strategic actions undertaken by our business towards the future of sustainable development.

As a leading global manufacturer of ductile iron pipe systems, access covers and gratings, and above and below ground cast iron drainage systems, we have a major advantage through working with an environmentally-friendly material that both uses recycled materials in its production and is fully recyclable.

Despite this inherent benefit we are not complacent and we consider the potential impact of our operations on the environment and the community.

"Sourcing in a global economy brings many challenges and, by working closely with and through international colleagues, we ensure that globally sourced products are ethically and economically produced. We look to minimise the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes and supply chain. This report looks at the progress we are making in every area of our manufacturing and supply processes and product development."

A key focus area is the lifecycle analysis of PAM products, a practice now standardised in ISO 1404. In an independent analysis of raw materials, manufacture, transportation and installation over a 100-year plus period of use, undertaken in accordance with ISO 14025, PAM solutions are shown to achieve outstanding results.

Of the total energy consumed by a ductile iron pipeline system over 100 years, just 20 per cent is consumed in manufacturing, transportation and installation with the remaining 80 per cent accounted for by the operating pumping energy. The longevity of PAM ductile iron pipelines makes a major contribution to sustainability and this has been greatly enhanced by the introduction of the new Zinalium coating which increases the life of a pipe by three times compared to the standard coating.

The environmental impact of pipeline installation is also addressed by the report which highlights the benefits of the PAM Ecopose installation concept which eliminates both the transport of spoil and the delivery of new material. By using native soils for backfill this reduces quarrying and transportation of aggregate and limits disturbance of the natural terrain.

One example given is the Ecopose installation of a Tag 32 sewerage system: for each 500m of pipe buried there is a £320 saving in transportation, a 156m² saving in backfill (equivalent to £4680) and a total saving of 2 tonnes of CO2.

Within Saint-Gobain PAM UK's own production processes and operations, the report also highlights significant progress towards sustainability. With all of its UK sites signed up to CEMARS - Certified Emissions Reduction and Measurement Scheme - Saint-Gobain PAM UK is measuring its progress towards its UK targets to reduce greenhouse gas and emissions from its activities. The measures taken at the company's Holwell, Ilkeston and Telford sites are outlined in the sustainability report.

Highlights of these include the reduction of particulate emissions from its Cupola furnace at Holwell, which is the largest in the UK, by a factor of 10 with the installation of dry bag filter units. This installation has also resulted in significant savings in caustic soda, water and electricity. At Ilkeston, savings have been achieved in energy consumption, use of diesel and raw materials, and a range of efficiency measures have been introduced at Telford to reduce the use of electricity and increase overall recycling levels by 60 per cent over the previous year.

Saint-Gobain PAM logistics focuses on the use of clean transport, with 65 per cent of production delivered by river, rail or sea transport. The strategic location of production sites reduces the distances for the supply of pipes to customers.

Paul Minchin added: "Our drive towards sustainability is an integral part of our corporate policy and is a factor in everything we do both in operational terms and in delivering product innovation. It is part of our commitment to delivering value to our customers and in turn helping them to fulfil their own sustainability targets."

The report can be accessed by logging on to www.saint-gobain-pam.co.uk and following the link on the Home-Page.

For further information please email Saint-Gobain PAM UK

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