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Air Monitors Limited


Air Monitors Ltd specialises in the supply, rental and service of instrumentation for air quality monitoring in ambient air, fenceline, indoor air, process and industrial hygiene applications. The company supplies monitors and samplers for continuous, personal, portable and area detection use. Associated technologies are also supplid such as meteorological and traffic monitoring systems, calibration systems, and data management and communications networks. Customer care is our most important function and we provide application, technical and service support from our centres in Gloucestershire and Scotland.


Mr Jim Mills
Unit 2 Bredon Court, Brockeridge Park
GL20 6FF

New Compact Ambient Air Monitoring System Helps Solve Location Problems

Air Monitors Ltd announce the launch of a new concept in air quality monitoring for pollutant gases such as Nitrogen Oxides, Sulphur Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide and Ozone, the airpointerTM.

The system is based on the same monitoring technology as the current reference monitors, e.g. chemiluminescence, UV photometry and fluorescence and infra red absorption so the performance of the system is similar to more conventional designs. Measuring only 800mm high by 600mm wide and 500mm deep the airpointer is an alternative to large "walk in" designs offering similar performance but with none of the problems of location, high power requirements, planning consent or aesthetics.

airpointerTM also changes the way in which air quality stations communicate their results back to base by using the internet and fast connections which are "always on" to send data back in real time rather than by dial up modem links. There is no special software required either, just a web browser, which allows the user to communicate directly with airpointersTM in the field and even to control the system from the comfort of your office.

airpointerTM does this using its inbuilt computer processor which as well as running monitoring functions, also acts as a web server and a communications management system. Data is logged on-board on a hard drive with enough memory for several years' storage. It is then transferred automatically or on demand using fast wireless broadband or GPRS connections to a nominated central PC where it can be quality assured and disseminated back to the public via a website or public display system. In the unlikely event of a fault occurring, the system can immediately email or SMS text a message to the client and the Air Monitors service department assuring a swift and targeted response leading to maximum data capture and high quality data. The system can also issue automatic pollution alerts if any one of the monitored gases exceeds a preset limit value. Airpointer uses less power than conventional monitoring systems (~350W @ 230V) and is also very quiet in operation making it ideal for use in residential areas. It is also fully air conditioned and can be used in temperatures from -20°C to +40°C.

SUMMARY airpointerTM provides, for the first time, a way of measuring gaseous pollutants in hot spots' and locations where a conventional station is not an option. It is often lower in cost to buy and run and provides data faster and in a more efficient manner than conventional dial up connections. It frees the user from bespoke communication software requirements and simplifies calibration and quality assurance regimes. It supports external inputs from meteorological sensors and can also be linked to existing pollution monitors (such as TEOM's etc) via its analogue or digital inputs. It is available in a post or wall mounted version or in a small roadside cabinet where it can be deployed alongside a TEOM monitor for combined particulate monitoring. The system is manufactured in Europe by Recordum a company with many years of experience in air quality monitoring technology for which Air Monitors are the UK sole distributor.

Contact details, Jim Mills Managing Director Air Monitors Ltd. Uunits 2&3 The Hawthorns Staunton. Glos. GL19 3NY
Tel 01452 849111 Fax 01452 849112
Email jim@airmonitors.co.uk
or enquire@airmonitors.co.uk
Web. www.airmonitors.co.uk

For further information please email Air Monitors Limited

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