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is a leading Contractor in the dredging and remediation of Contaminated Sediments and liquid sludges from inland waterways, ports and harbours and industrial lagoons. L&WS operate EA licenced mobile processing plant that enable sediments and sludges to be beneficially re-used or to be acceptable for landfilling. We offer Backhoe, Water Injection and Cuttersuction dredging options. Through a combination of University backed research and treatability studies L&WS has the expertise to offer solutions to a wide range of contaminant problems including heavy metals, hydrocarbons, polyaromatic hydrocarbons and nitroaromatics


Mr Bill Gush
Weston Yard


Land & Waters latest addition gets off to a floating start

Amphibious Excavator - Goes where others fear to tread. Simply remarkable on Land or Water

Land & Water Plant are well known for developing innovative new plant that operates in sensitive environments. Their latest addition of an amphibious excavator exemplifies their innovative approach and has recently completed a number of hires that could not have been practically done without significantly greater expense, risk and environmental impact.

Land & Water have operated a larger Hitachi MA 125 amphibious excavator for 5 years and during that time, they discovered it offered solutions to otherwise very awkward or near impossible jobs. The drawback of the original machine was because it was so large, it had to be assembled by a crane on each site which made it expensive to move.

Land & Water sourced a supplier to build a retractable amphibious undercarriage to their specifications to suit a 10m long reach Hitachi ZX 70 excavator. This machines bucket is only 30% smaller than the first MA125 and it has 2m less reach, but being retractable, it can fit through a 12' gate and is relatively straightforward to move at just 3.5m wide retracted (4.5m when working).

The retractable undercarriage allows the machine to be shipped all over the UK for the same cost as a standard 30 tonne excavator.
With the ability to wade in 1.2m of water before it begins to float, this machine (as all Land & Waters fleet) is filled with Bio degradable hydraulic oil. The excavator is fitted with low and high flow additional circuits so can be used with an array of attachments from dredging pumps, to tree shears, mulching flails, reed harvesters etc.

Fiona Moore Contracts Manager for Land & Water Services comments "We undertake a great deal of specialist dredging and vegetation management contracts for the Environment Agency. This machine is so efficient, versatile and competitively priced it is changing the way we approach these specialist works and allowing us to pass savings on to our customers. It costs around 20% more to rent than a 20m long reach excavator but can travel virtually anywhere.

It removes the slow and risky process associated with working on soft ground conditions with timber mats and can cross rivers and marshy terrain with ease."
With the ability to work effortlessly on soft terrain this machine is developing its own variety of new applications such as

  • The dredging of silt and settlement lagoons in water treatment works and quarries.
  • Support and excavation duties for sea outfalls and pipelines on mud flats and the dredging of shallow or small berths at low tide
  • For site investigation - towing a site investigation rig, digging trial holes in very soft terrain
  • Inland dredging of lakes and rivers
  • In wetland habitats for managing vegetation, clearing ditches, dredging etc.

    To see a video of the machine working please visit http://www.youtube.com/user/landandwaterplant#p/u/0/zpJRum8MTs4

    All enquiries, please call 01483 203070 or visit www.land-water.co.uk or email plant@land-water.co.uk

    For further information please email Land & Water Services Ltd
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