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Ashtead Technology Ltd specialises in supplying inspection, test and monitoring equipment and instruments. Our environmental monitoring fleet is second to none in the choice of equipment available and number of applications they can be used for. Our clients are found across a wide range of industries and include environmental consultancy and engineering, waste and recycling, surveying, waste and wastewater, drainage and sewerage, emissions and pollution monitoring to name a few. Knowledgeable Staff The team at Ashtead Technology are on hand to help with any queries, assist with choosing the right instrument for your needs, and answer any technical questions. Your first stop should be Jay Neermul, our dedicated Environmental Sales Manager. More than just a rental company! As well as short term hires, we can help with: - Perpetual Rental Plan for heavily discounted long term rentals - Rent To Own scheme for purchasing without hitting your capital budget - Sales, Servicing and Calibration of gas detectors and analysers To find out more, visit our website at: www.ashtead-technology.com or call +44 (0)845 270 2707.


Mr James Carlyle
Campus Five, Letchworth Business Park,


High-Tech Rental: the Best Solution For Drain Investigation

· Remote visual inspection of pipes prevents potential injury or loss of life
· Cleanline UK rented Ashtead Technology's remote visual inspection equipment to locate problems in damaged or dangerous drains on a building site in the North West
· Renting proves to be the best option for high value equipment

Ashtead Technology specialise in the provision of technical products for rent, many of which are highly specialised and high value. As such, Ashtead's customers are provided with access to the latest cutting edge technologies without the need for heavy capital investment. One such customer is Cleanline UK, a drain and pipeline remediation company, which was recently contracted by a house building company to investigate a network of old drains on a site in the North West.

Work for the house building company included the clearing and cleansing of existing drains. One of which, a '700 brick' drain with an internal diameter of about 700mm, was originally built in Victorian times, and is now in a poor state of repair. It was suspected that the drain was either damaged or blocked, but the location of the problem was not known.

It would not have been safe for Cleanline UK's staff to enter the drain themselves, so remote visual inspection was required. However, crawler camera systems for large pipes are very expensive, so rental was the only solution.

Conveniently, Ashtead Technology Rentals have recently boosted their fleet of inspection equipment with the addition of the Pearpoint P448 explosion proof steerable tractor.

Cleanline UK's Simon Holker was responsible for the project and says, "We chose the P448 because we needed a device that could travel large distances, make tight turns, and cope with large diameter pipes in very poor condition. In this case, the P448 did a brilliant job - it enabled us to discover that a sandstone deposit was blocking the drain. Knowing the type and location of the problem enabled us to remove the sandstone, safely and effectively, much to the delight of our client. Thanks to the 'pan and tilt' facility, we were able to fully assess the condition of the drain, and we have since used the P448 on other jobs. In each instance the ability to only pay for the equipment when we needed it was a great advantage."

The P448 can pull up to 600 meters of armoured cable, it employs four wheel drive and can turn on its own axis. As a result, users are able to inspect long distances of pipework by operating the device's remote control. In addition, it is possible to fit elevators to the unit so that the lighting and camera can be raised to inspect even the furthermost regions of a pipe's cross-section. This enables the P448 to be used in the assessment of pipes ranging in diameter from 457mm up to 2 metres. It can even be used in pipes at full bore, up to 11 bar pressure, and a choice of tractor or balloon tyres makes it ideal for older silted pipes or new installations.

Cleanline UK was established to offer trenchless pipeline evacuation and repair, and investigation work represents a vital part of the service. The company was created just 18 months ago, however, it has been growing extremely rapidly, and as a result has had to employ around four new members of staff every week. This creates a great need for training in areas such as Confined Space, Health & Safety etc. So, it is vital that staff do not have to waste excessive periods of time learning how to use technical equipment such as the crawler camera. Commenting on this, Simon Holker adds "Many of our staff are former Water Utility engineers, so we are very familiar with this type of equipment, however, we found the technical support available from Ashtead Technology to be excellent. They helped us to choose the right equipment in the first place, it arrived when they said it would, and it was delivered ready for use, with a test certificate"

Ashtead Technology is a member of the Ashtead Group, one of the largest equipment rental companies in the world. James Carlyle, General Manager attributes Ashtead Technology's success to three issues: "we provide technical advice on what to rent and how to use it; we deliver when we say we will; and our equipment is always tested and ready for use"

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