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Ashtead Technology Ltd specialises in supplying inspection, test and monitoring equipment and instruments. Our environmental monitoring fleet is second to none in the choice of equipment available and number of applications they can be used for. Our clients are found across a wide range of industries and include environmental consultancy and engineering, waste and recycling, surveying, waste and wastewater, drainage and sewerage, emissions and pollution monitoring to name a few. Knowledgeable Staff The team at Ashtead Technology are on hand to help with any queries, assist with choosing the right instrument for your needs, and answer any technical questions. Your first stop should be Jay Neermul, our dedicated Environmental Sales Manager. More than just a rental company! As well as short term hires, we can help with: - Perpetual Rental Plan for heavily discounted long term rentals - Rent To Own scheme for purchasing without hitting your capital budget - Sales, Servicing and Calibration of gas detectors and analysers To find out more, visit our website at: www.ashtead-technology.com or call +44 (0)845 270 2707.


Mr James Carlyle
Campus Five, Letchworth Business Park,


ET offers opportunity to consider the renting option

Ashtead Technology Rentals is part of one of the world's largest rental groups that also includes major rental businesses such as A-Plant.

At ET (stand C59) the Group's technology company will feature a wide range of the latest instruments in fields such as pipeline or tank inspection, water quality testing, gas and noise monitoring, and contaminated land assessment.

So, following Ashtead's massive investment in the Environmental sector, there is now a central source of the latest instruments available for rent.

Ashtead's stand will provide experts that can give advice on which instruments to use, and how best to use them, and as a further incentive a bottle of classic whiskey will be awarded every day following a draw from visitors that leave their business card:

· 24th May is Bob Dylan's birthday, so the prize will be his favourite malt whiskey - Springbank
· 25th May is American poet Ralph Emerson's birthday. Ralph once said that "as a cure for worrying, work is better than whiskey" however, his view must have been based on personal experience, because he was known for his fondness of Jack Daniels
· 26th May is John Wayne's birthday - President Reagan said that 'Duke drank enough whiskey to float a boat'. Unfortunately, Mr Wayne is famous for drinking moonshine, however Ashtead will provide the lucky winner with a bottle of Glenmorangie malt whiskey.

But why should visitors to ET consider the renting option? Well, the entire business of the Ashtead Group plc, founded in 1947, is built upon the premise that it is often better to rent than buy.

Most people think that it is better to rent when you don't need something very often, but in fact there are lots of reasons to rent...

Imagine if you will: You are standing in the power tools section of your local D.I.Y. store gazing longingly at the dazzling array of equipment with which you could transform your home into something worthy of an Ideal Homes exhibit.

Your attention is caught by a particularly attractive offer on saw benches - £199.99 seems like a really good deal!

A little devil on one shoulder says "go on! No more sawing. Wouldn't that be great!" but the angel on the other shoulder says "hang on, how often are you actually going to use that saw bench? Can you really afford to spend the cash? And where will you keep it? If you really need a saw bench, why don't you just hire one?"

Luckily, your partner arrives and you don't have to make a decision, but the dilemma that you faced is one that many of us have to deal with in our everyday working lives. For the saw bench - see a pipeline crawler camera system or a water quality meter, for the angel - see your boss, for the devil - see yourself, and for your partner - see the financial director!

James Carlyle is General Manager of Ashtead Technology Rentals' new UK Industrial Division, and in the following article he will present the case for renting.

Ashtead Technology is part of the Ashtead Group plc - one of the world's largest equipment rental companies. The Group was founded in 1947, and has achieved considerable success, not least because renting is often a better alternative to buying.

Most of us buy equipment when we need it, however, how many of us stop to consider the renting alternative?

Let us suppose that your company has a blocked wastewater pipe with no easy or safe access. You need a pipeline crawler, but since this is not a frequent occurrence, it seems logical to rent one. However, if you and your colleagues can find use for this equipment every week, it might make more sense to buy the system.

So, this simple example demonstrates that the decision to rent is often dictated by the frequency of intended use. However, there are a number of other advantages to renting.

For example, suppose the crawler breaks down, you spend a couple of hours trying to fix it, give up and then try and convince the manufacturer that it should replace the crawler under warranty.

On another occasion, for one reason or another you did not clean down the crawler adequately at the end of a day's work, and when you next came to use it, parts of it had gone rusty, and you had to spend an hour cleaning it up before it could be used.

Let us also suppose that a colleague in a different department heard that you had your own equipment, and asked if he could borrow it for use on a site in the next County. Will he look after it properly and return it in its original condition? And will he return it when he said he would?

In the following year, your colleague calls again, and asks if you can bring your crawler to an important site where they have a specific pipeline problem. However, when you get there you discover that the pipe is too small for your crawler. So, your colleague hires a crawler and you are frustrated to discover that crawler technology has moved on since you made your purchase and the hired model is much easier to use.

You would love to have the new model, but having purchased the (now) older model, you are stuck with it, unless you can find a way to dispose of it. However, it did cost a lot of money, and might come in useful one day, so you keep it, and lock it up in a storage area. Years later, whilst trying to free up space, you come across your old crawler, and experience a brief pang of guilt at having wasted your company's money, but your feelings of guilt then give way to feelings of concern as to how you are going to be able to dispose of the crawler in an environmentally friendly way.

In all of these scenarios, you would wish that you had rented rather than purchased your crawler.

If a rented machine malfunctions, it is replaced quickly because the rental company is anxious that the instrument performs to specification, so that you might rent it again.

Rented equipment is always delivered clean, checked and ready for use, and if you had rented a crawler it would have been delivered to site on the prescribed day, at the right time.

Each time you rent a crawler, or indeed any other equipment, you have the opportunity to choose the model that suits your application.

Next year, when you need a crawler again, you would be able to rent the latest, higher quality model, and at the end of each renting period you simply return the crawler, so you have no storage or disposal problems.

Pipeline crawlers might be very different to environmental monitoring equipment, such as toxic gas detectors, noise meters or water quality instruments, but the same principles apply.

Perhaps the most extensive users of rented environmental monitoring equipment are consultants. For them, Ashtead Technology's catalogue often represents the range of their capabilities. There would be no sense in them purchasing a large range of gas and water monitoring instruments, when they can simply include the cost of renting in their proposals without taking on all of the disadvantages of ownership.

The strongest case for renting is of course financial. It is vitally important to remember that the money used in equipment purchase could have been used for something else. For example, if your company has an overdraft or Bank loan upon which it is paying say, 8% per annum, that means that the opportunity cost of your purchase is 8%. If you had paid off that part of your overdraft you would have saved the interest charge. Conversely, if you are in the happy position of having no indebtedness, there is still the lost opportunity of investing that money, either in a Bank account, or another profitable area of the business.

Furthermore, your accounts department will depreciate the value of your equipment over a period of 1 to 3 years in most cases, which means that the cost of equipment with a purchase price of say £10,000 will actually hit your bottom line by something between £4,000 and £10,000 in the first year.

The case for renting technical instruments is even stronger than for other equipment because it often requires external calibration, or at the very least skilful maintenance with specialist equipment. It makes sense for this work to be performed by fully equipped and trained engineers, and for this reason, the engineers at Ashtead Technology have all been trained by instrument manufacturers.

The technical expertise of the Ashtead engineers is also vitally important in helping you firstly to select the right equipment, and secondly, to use it to its best effect. This can be of particular value when you need to 'try before you buy' - Ashtead's engineers can help you to choose the right instrument for your application, and they can help you to use it correctly, so that once you are comfortable with the device you are in a better position to make a purchase decision.

In summary, the case for renting is stronger if the equipment is expensive to buy, or you do not plan to use the equipment frequently. You should also consider whether you could put the purchase money to better use.

You may also decide that the equipment requires skilled calibration and maintenance, coupled with specialist equipment, and the cost for this would be preclusive.

You should also choose to rent if you always need access to the latest technology, or if you do not wish to bear the cost and inconvenience of storage.

Lastly, a common reason for renting is that people like to 'try before they buy'.

So, the next time you find yourself thinking illogically at a D.I.Y. store or considering purchasing a piece of equipment, remember to listen to the angel on your shoulder!

For further information please email Ashtead Technology Ltd

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