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Nacah Tech, LLC


Thermal oxidizers, afterburners, carbon adsorption systems to control industrial air pollution from air or liquid wastes. Nacah Tech brings experience since 1984 to best handle those more difficult applications. Sample processes handled are off gases from industries that include chemical, asphalt, automotive (dynos), coatings, pharmaceuticals, silanes, aluminum, refineries, carbon, remediation, munitions, wastewater, biomass, etc. Complete equipment systems provided to thermally meet the regulations and requirements of the individual plant. Free environmental analysis and economical solutions are available. Optimization studies for energy are furnished on all combustion systems (using National standard guidelines) within the plant. Utility consumption is optimized with heat recovery selection, while each unit is customized for NOx control, halogens or acid presence, particulate concerns, batch or continuous operation, multiple streams, rich or lean streams, and/or oxygen level present. More difficult applications are welcomed. Contact sales@nacahtech.com for your thermal oxidizer or combustion upgrade needs.


Mr Robert Keibler
71 McMurray Rd.
Suite 205

Nacah Tech, LLC


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