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As a leader in the field of solid/liquid separation, Latham International can offer a wide range of equipment from filter presses, centrifuges, filtration equipment to dewatering equipment and effluent water treatment systems. Our specialist areas include: Filter Press Technology - Membrane Filter Presses, Filter Plates, Filter Plate Frames, Automatic Unmanned Filter Presses, Refurbished Filter Presses and Sludge Presses. Filter Plate Technology - Polypropylene Filter Plates, Recessed Filter Plates, Membrane Filter Plates. Filter Cloths - Polypropylene Filter Cloths, Polyester Filter Cloths, Nylon, Rilsan Filter Cloths, Polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE Filter Cloths. Solid Liquid Separation - Sludge Dewatering, Sludge Handling and Effluent Treatment. Pumps - Hydraulic Ramp Pumps, Willett Pumps and other Filter Press Feed Pumps. Centrifuge Technology - Decanter Centrifuges, Vertical Stack Centrifuge, Centrifugal Separators, Centrifugal Extractors and Centrifugal filters. Filter Belts - Polyester Spiral Link belts fitted with or without fillers. Woven Polyester and Polypropylene. With or without resin edge. Resin Bonded Clipper Seams. Pintle-Wire fastening system. The Latham International Guarantee: * Cost Efficiency Savings and Environmentally Friendly Solutions * 25-Year Guarantee on Press Skeleton * Leader in Automated Filtration Technology Worldw


Mr Peter Latham
Rowhurst Close Industrial Estate
Unit 3

Latham International buys Exact Dewatering Solutions

Takeover will help sales, say engineers

A Newcastle engineering firm has bought another North Staffordshire company in a bid to boost its UK sales.

Filtration specialist Latham International is hoping to be able to expand its workforce after acquiring Burslem-based Exact Dewatering Solutions for an undisclosed sum. Latham, which employs 15 people, makes pressure filtration systems to separate liquids from solids for a wide range of industries including water and sewage treatment, ceramics, food and drink, brewing, mining, chemicals, textiles and plastics.

It counts big names including BP, Ford, Carlsberg, Corus, Nestlé and Saab among its clients but most of its sales come from abroad. Directors are hoping the acquisition of Exact can help increase its UK revenue as well as allowing it to offer a bigger range of products.

Exact employs three people, one of whom is retiring while the other two will transfer to Latham's base at Rowhurst Close Industrial Estate, in Chesterton.

Sales co-ordinator Mario Hinkson said: "We bought Exact to strengthen our UK market share and expand our range of filtration equipment." Managing director Peter Latham added: "Hopefully it will lead to an increase in sales and also employment. "We're hoping to take on another one or two as well as the employees that are coming over to us from Exact. "We will have to see how it goes but I would hope to have taken on another two by the first quarter of next year, which is great in this climate."

Latham has agents all over the world in countries including South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, India and Russia. Mr Latham said: "Most of our business is export - that's partly why we bought Exact because their sales are predominantly UK-based. "I would say that 80 to 90 per cent of our business is overseas.

"We've been particularly pleased with our progress in Russia - we established an agent over there two years ago and we've now sent about 12 machines over which is a very good return."

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