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The Longwood Engineering Company Ltd


Design, Supply and Installation of Screens and Screenings Handling equipment for sewage, stormwater and industrial effluent. Washer Dewaterers/Combi-wash and Compactors for Screenings. Control Equipment manufacturered in-house. Please visit our Web Page at: www.longwoodengineering.co.u


Mr Malcolm Morris
Silver Street

West Yorkshire

Storm Water Overflow Screen

The Stormguard(tm) is an upward flow horizontal band screen for single or double sided weir overflows.

The screen is WIMES compliant and in performance testing by UKWIR the screen scored the highest average screenings retention value of any screen with 63%.

The Stormguard is manufactured to suit any weir length up to 8 metres and can readily handle flows up to 5,000 litres/second.

The perforated elements have 6 mm diameter holes as standard

Screenings are retained in the foul flow whilst any storm flow has to pass through the 6 mm perforations guaranteeing compliance with current environmental legislation. The Stormguard fits directly to the weir to eliminate the possibility of unscreened spillage.

The Stormguard has several distinct advantages:-

The whole of the screen area is used on each operation irrespective of the amount of flow.

Screenings are not removed from the flow but gently moved to the downstream end of the chamber to be carried forward by the continuation flow.

The screen is probably the most robust on the market.

Double sided weirs can be served by a single screen.

Nearly 500 screens have been installed since 1999.

The screen is available in modular construction to enable installation where access is restricted.

The British designed and manufactured Stormguard is robust, simple and is manufactured throughout in stainless steel.

It is covered by Patent No. GB2354186.

Scottish Water and Scottish Water Solutions have named Longwood Engineering as the Kit Framework Supplier of the Quarter for 2005-2006 for Fabricated Powered CSO screens.

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